Jeff Sontag, Audio AI Research Scientist joins Soundverse

The Soundverse family is growing, and it’s with great excitement that we introduce Jeff Sontag, our new team member who is set to redefine the boundaries of music creation through the power of artificial intelligence. Jeff is joining Soundverse as a Lead Audio AI Researcher.

Jeff's Journey

Jeff’s journey into the realm of AI and music is nothing short of remarkable. With a rich background in developing advanced diffusion models for music generation, his recent creation, Jukebox Diffusion, stands as a testament to his innovative spirit. This open-source model leverages a novel hierarchical latent diffusion architecture. Jeff’s work represents a significant leap forward in the field, showcasing his ability to blend scientific rigor with creative exploration. Read more about Jukebox Diffusion here.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff is a dedicated musician and producer, deeply involved in crafting soundscapes that resonate with listeners around the globe. His enthusiasm for modular synthesis and expertise in using Bitwig as his Digital Audio Workstation underline his comprehensive understanding of music production. Jeff’s passion for music and technology is a perfect match for Soundverse’s mission to simplify the music creation process, making it more accessible and enjoyable for creators everywhere. You can listen to some of his music here on Spotify.

Jeff Sontag

In Jeff’s own words

"Hi I’m Jeff, an audio AI researcher who has spent the last year developing large diffusion models for music generation. My latest open source model, Jukebox Diffusion, pioneered a novel hierarchical latent diffusion architecture which takes advantage of multiple layers of compressed musical information to construct rich compositions up to 75 seconds in length.

Before delving into the realm of audio research, I spent 5 years contributing to TALA's Data Science team, a prominent Fortune Impact 20 fintech startup. During my tenure, I spearheaded the development and launch of predictive models that facilitated over $2 billion in personal loans for more than 5 million customers.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm an ardent musician, actively involved in mixing and producing albums for both myself and fellow artists. My passion extends to my modular synthesis rack, a topic I'm always eager to discuss, and my preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is Bitwig.

I'm thrilled to be part of Soundverse's vision for revolutionizing the music creation process. The current complexities associated with music tools often overshadow the joy of creation, and Soundverse is poised to redefine music creation through the fusion of art and technology. I eagerly anticipate contributing my expertise to this transformative mission, bringing a fresh perspective to this intersection of creativity and innovation."

Welcome to the team, Jeff! Together, we’re set to embark on an exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music creation and technology!


By Soundverse

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