Our Team

We're a team of passionate musicians, researchers and data centric technologists.. Our founding team is rallying to build Audio AGI.

Given our extensive experience in Music Production (15+ years of music career across the board), comprehensive technical understanding of transformer and diffusion based AI architectures, and our experience with the world's leading music tech companies (Spotify, Splice, Grammy) and other tech companies (Meta, Samsung) etc., we're on a mission to achieving Audio AGI asap.

philip and sourabh

Philip Srebrev

Co-founder, CTO

Sourabh Pateriya

Co-founder, CEO

Philip and Sourabh share a vision, blending tech and music into art. With roots in Robinhood, Meta, Spotify, and Samsung, their expertise spans ML, AI, and AR, driving innovation forward. United by a passion discovered at a NYC music event, they're on a quest to craft the Canva for Music, merging their diverse backgrounds and inventive spirits to transform creative workflows. Their journey, fueled by a blend of engineering brilliance and artistic fervor, is marked by over 5 years of friendship and collaboration.

Jeff Sontag - Audio AI Researcher

Jeff Sontag

Audio AI Researcher

Known for developing Jukebox Diffusion, a novel music generation model. Has a background in music production and data science.

Platon Sipsas - Head of Mobile

Platon Sipsas

Head of Mobile

Engineer with 12+ years of experience in the delivery of mobile software products. Previously led the delivery of features within Spotify app.

Linnea Sundberg - Advisor

Linnea Sundberg


Music industry executive who was a VP at Splice, and Director at Spotify (Launched Spotify for Artists app)

Ricky Kej - Advisor

Ricky Kej


Three time Grammy winner music composer, US Billboard chart No.1 artist.

Rahul Arora - Full Stack Engineer

Rahul Arora

Full Stack Engineer