Extend the AI generated audio infinitely with Soundverse's new AI Magic Tool!


Introducing Soundverse's Extend Music AI Magic Tool

Soundverse's Extend AI Magic Tool empowers users to break free from the confines of fixed audio lengths, it can extend the length of audio infinitely. By extending the audio generated by Soundverse, musicians can seamlessly experiment and refine their musical narratives. This user-friendly feature provides a dynamic canvas for creative exploration, fostering an environment where the length of a composition becomes a malleable element in the artist's toolkit, opening up endless possibilities. Users can seamlessly extend their audios in a single click.

User-Friendly Interaction

One of the standout features of Extend Audio is its user-friendly interface. With just a single click, musicians can effortlessly extend their audios. This feature is a very accessible tool for both seasoned professionals and budding artists. This simplicity enhances the user experience and ensures the creative process.

How to extend the audio?

Extending your audio with Soundverse is a breeze. Here's how:

  • Hover over the generated audio in Soundverse.
  • Click the options button.
  • Select "extend audio" from the AI magic tool option.
  • Soundverse's AI takes over, processing your request and generating the extended output automatically.

extend audio -generated gif.gif

How Much Longer Does the Audio Get?

Every time you use the Extend feature, your audio gains an additional 45 seconds. So, if you start with a 15-second clip, you'll end up with a 60-second piece after extending (that's 15 plus 45 seconds). And if you're working with a 180-second track, extending will push it to 225 seconds (180 plus 45). Each extend takes 45 tokens.

Unlimited Extensions at Your Fingertips

There's absolutely no cap on how many times you can hit the Extend button. Seriously, it's unlimited. Extend to your heart's content and explore the endless possibilities for your music.

Why Use Soundverse AI?

Soundverse isn't just another digital audio workstation. It's a new way of thinking about music production, making it easy and conversational. With Soundverse Assistant and AI Magic Tools, you can quickly turn creative dreams into reality. From text-to-music, stem separation, to lyrics generation, Soundverse AI equips you with everything you need to create original content fast and affordably.

Keeping Up with AI Magic Tools

Soundverse is continuously evolving, developing more AI Magic Tools to empower creators. These tools are designed to simplify the content creation process, giving users an edge in a competitive landscape. Keep an eye on the Soundverse blog to stay updated on the latest tools and features.

Here's how to use Soundverse AI

Soundverse - Create original tracks using AI

Soundverse is an AI Assistant that allows content and music creators to create original content in a flash using Generative AI. With the help of Soundverse Assistant and AI Magic Tools, our users get an unfair advantage over other creators to create audio and music content quickly, easily and cheaply. Soundverse Assistant is your ultimate music companion. You simply speak to the assistant to get your stuff done. The more you speak to it, the more it starts understanding you and your goals.

AI Magic Tools help convert your creative dreams into tangible music and audio. Use AI Magic Tools such as text to music, stem separation, or lyrics generation to realise your content dreams faster.

Soundverse is here to take music production to the next level. We're not just a digital audio workstation (DAW) competing with Ableton or Logic, we're building a completely new paradigm of easy and conversational content creation.

We are building many more AI Magic Tools. Keep checking our blog to stay updated about them!

Sourabh Pateriya

By Sourabh Pateriya

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