Soundverse AI Magic Tools: A Suite of Tools to Accelerate Music and Content Creation


What are AI Magic Tools?

AI tools that are super magical and they give you superpowers during your content and music creation process! 🪄

In Soundverse, you can use AI Magic Tools such as Text to Music, Filter to Music, Lyrics Writing, Stem Separation, Extending Music, Loopeable Music, Auto Complete Song etc. to realize your content dreams quicker. With the help of AI magic tools, anyone can create awesome music.

Let's take a quick look at some of the AI Magic Tools available at Soundverse.

1. Text to Music

1. Text to Music.png

“Text to music” generates music from a text input. This tool simplifies the music creation process, making it accessible to individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of music theory or complex softwares (DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro etc.). Users just need to type the prompt and click on the send button to generate music! Crafting a prompt plays an essential role in generating music.

Check more about how Text to Music works here.

Example prompt- “In a packed arena, the electric guitar wailed and the drums thundered. The crowd surged with adrenaline as the rock band's energetic performance ignited a rebellious spirit, setting the stage for a night of wild rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. Speed of the song is very fast!” (Genre: Rock, Vibe: Energetic and rebellious, Instrument: Electric Guitar and Drums, Speed: Very Fast, Story: Song being played in a packed arena)

2. Filter to Music

Soundverse filter to music

With our new filter selection options, you can generate music using filters like genre, vibe, instruments, duration and speed at Soundverse. You can also select multiple options in a filter such as multiple genre. Or even multiple vibes. Ever imagined how would a combination of lo-fi and house music would sounds? Or death metal with electronic music? With this AI Magic Tool you can go wild!

Soundverse filter to music gif

If you don't have a strong music vocabulary to type as text; filter to music is made for you! With this AI Magic Tool, now now have the flexibility to fine-tune your music creation experience with advanced filter options. Our intuitive interface allows for a more tailored experience, where you can mix and match multiple selections within a single filter category to produce unique and personalized music compositions that cater to your specific preferences and creative desires.

3. Stem Separation

3. Stem Separation.png

Stem separation allows users to separate the different elements of a song, such as vocals, drums, piano, bass and other accompaniments. It is a powerful tool for musicians and producers, as it allows them to isolate and manipulate individual tracks in a mix.

You can separate stems of Soundverse generated content or your own local files.

Soundverse introduces Stem Separation

Additional, when you want to download a clip. or your entire arrangement composition- you can download them as Stems using Export option. Check more about how Stem Separation works here.

4. Extend Music

extend audio

Extend Music - AI Magic Tool is a tool that empowers users to break free from the confines of fixed audio lengths. Whether extending the audios generated by Soundverse or uploading your own compositions, creators or music makers can seamlessly experiment and extend the length of their creations. Think of it as an un-trimming feature, creators can seamlessly extend their audios in s single click.

Soundverse Extend Music AI Magic Tool

Here's how to make music with Soundverse's AI Magic Tools

Soundverse - Create original tracks using AI

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We are building many more AI Magic Tools. Keep checking our blog to stay updated about them!

Sourabh Pateriya

By Sourabh Pateriya

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