Linnea Sundberg (Spotify, Splice) joins Soundverse AI as an advisor

We are thrilled to announce that Linnea Sundberg, known for her significant contributions at Spotify and Splice, has joined Soundverse AI as an advisor. Linnea brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our team, promising to inspire and guide us toward new heights in the music industry.

In Linnea’s own words

"Soundverse embodies the essence of what excites me about working in the music industry: it empowers aspiring musicians to unleash their creativity while fostering innovation in the legal use of music on a daily basis. Joining Soundverse as an Advisor fills me with enthusiasm and gratitude as I anticipate closely following the team's endeavors. The realm of music creation is ripe for innovation, and I believe this pioneering technology has the potential to elevate human creativity to unprecedented levels."

Linnea Sundberg

Linnea's Journey in the Music Industry

Linnea Sundberg's career is a testament to her passion and dedication to the music and audio industry. With a background in finance from Harvard University and a Master’s from the University of Oxford, Linnea has seamlessly blended her academic prowess with her love for music. Her journey from an investment banker at Goldman Sachs to a leading role at Spotify, and later as VP Corporate Development at Splice, showcases her ability to drive strategic product and business development, navigate the complex dynamics of US and international markets, and master rights management and data analysis.

Her tenure at Spotify as Director, Head of Creator Business, marked a significant phase where she led the commercial efforts towards artists in Spotify's marketplace strategy. Linnea has been at the forefront of integrating music with technology, focusing on making Spotify a more sustainable business through IP valuation, rightsholder dynamics, and streaming market insights.

Looking Ahead

As Soundverse AI embarks on this exciting new chapter, we are confident that Linnea Sundberg will lead us toward realizing our vision of empowering musicians and revolutionizing the music industry. At Soundverse, she'll be working closely with Co-founder, CEO Sourabh Pateriya and CTO Philip Srebrev. Her track record of success, combined with her commitment to innovation and creativity, makes her the perfect addition to our team. Together, we'll uncover the new revenue models for the post-Gen AI music industry and bring those solutions at scale to Soundverse AI.

We look forward to the journey ahead with Linnea on board, as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in music creation and distribution. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this thrilling journey together.

For more information on Linnea's work and insights into the music industry, visit her blog at

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