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Looking for an alternative to Splash Pro? There are numerous text-to-music/song apps available in the market, each with its unique features and pricing strategies. If you're searching for the best option to replace Splash Pro, especially now that it has decided to shut down, this guide will introduce you to a top contender: Soundverse. Discover everything you need to know about this innovative alternative in this article.


What was Splash Pro?

Splash Pro was an AI-powered music generation tool that enabled users to create original songs by simply inputting a text prompt. Key points about Splash Pro included:

  • Splash Pro was a web-based platform that could generate full songs from brief text prompts in seconds.
  • It utilized advanced AI models, such as large language models similar to ChatGPT, to interpret text inputs and create original melodies, harmonies, lyrics, and vocals.
  • Splash Pro could produce music across a broad spectrum of genres and styles, from pop to electronic to classical, depending on the user's prompt.

Top 3 features of Splash Pro

  • Quality Instrumental Tracks: Splash Pro's AI was capable of creating high-quality instrumental tracks that perfectly matched the user's specified theme and mood, offering everything from gentle piano melodies to vibrant electronic beats.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: The platform generated songs with outstanding audio quality, offering users compositions that could rival professional productions. Its latest updates had further enhanced audio quality and fidelity to user prompts.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Splash Pro provided a flexible and versatile music creation experience, allowing users to explore a wide range of musical genres and styles based on their input.

How does Soundverse AI compare to Splash Pro?

Now that Splash Pro has announced its shutdown, Soundverse AI emerges as a comprehensive alternative, extending beyond the capabilities offered by Splash Pro. Unlike Splash Pro's focus on one-shot music creation, Soundverse offers a more rounded music creation suite. While Splash Pro was known for its vocal generation capabilities, Soundverse introduces additional features such as a studio environment, collaborative capabilities, an intelligent assistant, and numerous AI tools like music extension, variation generation, auto-complete songs, and more.

More than Text to Music

Soundverse supports extending any audio file, enabling users to either extend music generated by Soundverse or upload and enhance files from their local drive.

Soundverse Studio

Soundverse provides users with a studio-like environment where they can arrange music clips and collaborate with others. The studio gives full control over music compositions, including the ability to adjust, extend, and delete sections.

Soundverse Assistant

Featuring an AI assistant, Soundverse aids users throughout their music creation process. The assistant is designed to understand users' intentions and tastes, helping them achieve their music creation goals. It can automatically select the appropriate AI tool based on user prompts.

Soundverse stands out not just for music or song generation but also for its built-in collaborative studio, audio-to-audio AI capabilities, and an assistant that simplifies music creation. While Splash Pro had its strengths, Soundverse's comprehensive suite of features positions it as a top choice for AI music production.

Soundverse appears to offer a broader range of functionalities designed to enhance the user's music creation experience, making it a solid choice for those seeking more than just one-shot music creation. It's equipped for extended interactions with music, such as editing, extending, and collaborating on musical pieces, suggesting a deeper engagement with the music creation process.

If you're intrigued by the idea of using AI to generate music and want a platform that provides a studio-like environment with collaborative and extension capabilities, Soundverse seems like a promising alternative to explore further.

Here's how to make AI Music with Soundverse

Video Guide

Soundverse - Create original tracks using AI

Here’s another long walkthrough of how to use Soundverse AI.

Text Guide

Soundverse is an AI Assistant that allows content creators and music makers to create original content in a flash using Generative AI.

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