50+ Hand Picked Deep House Text-to-Music AI Music Generation Prompts


Unleashing Creativity with Song Prompts

Music's power lies in its emotional depth, storytelling ability, and connection-building. Yet, even the most gifted musicians sometimes hit a creative block. Song prompts are a key to unlocking new waves of inspiration.

Unlocking Inspiration with Song Prompts

Song prompts are innovative sparks that kickstart the creative process in music composition. They might be simple words, genre, instruments, vibe phrases, images, or scenarios, but their impact is profound. These prompts serve as creative catalysts, opening doors to new ideas and helping artists break free from writer's block.

Use Soundverse's Text to Music (AI Magic Tool) to Convert Your Dreams To Music

“Text to music” feature enables users to type in a prompt, and the AI within Soundverse can generate the music from that text input. This approach streamlines the music creation process and simplifies music composition, making it accessible to everyone, including individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of music theory or complex software. You just need to type the prompt and click on the send button to generate music.

Soundverse Text to Music AI Magic Tool

Writing a perfect prompt or explanatory prompt plays an essential role in generating perfect audios. Here are some tips to draft the perfect prompt-

  • Specify the genre- Rock, electronic, house, pop, jazz etc.
  • Mention the instruments to be included- Guitar, Bass, Synth, Piano, Drums etc.
  • Narrate the vibe of the audio to Soundverse
  • Choose Duration

After receiving initial outputs, feel free to iterate and refine your prompt based on the results. Don’t be afraid to let the AI surprise you. Sometimes, giving it some creative freedom can yield fantastic results. Example prompts- “In a packed arena, the electric guitar wailed and the drums thundered. The crowd surged with adrenaline as the rock band’senergetic performance ignited a rebellious spirit, setting the stage for a night of wild rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. Speed of the song is very fast!”

Try to make prompts as long as possible as AI doesn't hallucinate much while generating music when lot of information is provided by the creator.

And you're good to go!

You can also use Filter to Music (AI Magic Tool) to generate music instead of typing prompt. Soundverse filter to music gif

Here are 50+ Deep House Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music

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1. Deep House Urban Twilight

Prompt: As the city transitions from dusk to night, a Deep House rhythm pulsates through the urban landscape. The smooth, resonant bass lines intertwine with the melodic chimes of synth pads, capturing the essence of the city's nocturnal heartbeat. This track is a tribute to the vibrant life that thrives under the cover of darkness, inviting listeners into a world where the night is alive with possibility. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Mysterious, Chill, Energetic; Instruments: Bass, Synth Pad, Percussion)

2. Oceanic Serenity

Prompt: Dive into the tranquil depths of the ocean with a Deep House track that mimics the serene flow of underwater currents. Soft, echoing synths blend with the rhythmic patter of hi-hats, creating a soundscape that's both calming and invigorating. This musical journey invites you to float freely, enveloped by the soothing embrace of the sea. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Drums, Pad)

3. Sunrise Solace

Prompt: Greet the dawn with a melody that embodies the hopeful glow of a new day. This Deep House composition combines the gentle strumming of a guitar with the ambient sound of a soft synth, offering a soundtrack for moments of reflection or meditation. It's a musical expression of peace and renewal, perfect for starting the day with intention and grace. (Genres: Deep House, Chill; Vibe: Peaceful, Uplifting, Serene; Instruments: Guitar, Synth, Percussion)

4. Cosmic Groove

Prompt: Embark on an interstellar journey with a Deep House track that captures the wonder of the cosmos. Ethereal pads and a groovy bass line set the stage for a celestial adventure, complemented by the distant twinkles of electronic effects. This track is your soundtrack for exploration, whether through the night sky or the depths of your imagination. (Genres: Deep House, Synth wave; Vibe: Dreamy, Hopeful, Energetic; Instruments: Bass, Pad, Synth)

5. Vintage Vinyl Vibes

Prompt: Revel in the nostalgia of a bygone era with a track that blends Deep House rhythms with the warm, crackling essence of vintage vinyl. The soulful melodies of a saxophone merge with the rhythmic thumps of deep bass, transporting you to a smoky, underground jazz club where the past and present dance together in harmony. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Nostalgic, Romantic, Chill; Instruments: Saxophone, Bass, Vinyl Crackles)

6. Forest Whisper

Prompt: Escape into the heart of a mystical forest with a Deep House melody that captures the enchanting whispers of nature. The organic sounds of woodwind instruments blend with the soft thuds of percussion, creating a harmonious backdrop that celebrates the untouched beauty of the wild. This track is an invitation to lose yourself in the magic of the forest, surrounded by its ancient melodies. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Flute, Percussion, Synth)

7. Desert Dunes at Dusk

Prompt: Experience the vastness of the desert as the day fades into night. The haunting melody of a steel drum echoes over the shifting sands, guided by the steady rhythm of deep house beats. This track is a musical mirage, evoking the mystery and beauty of the desert landscape under a twilight sky. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Mysterious, Calm, Ethereal; Instruments: Steel Drum, Bass, Synth)

8. Midnight Mirage

Prompt: Navigate the illusions of a midnight mirage with a Deep House track that intertwines the ethereal with the tangible. The subtle vibrations of a marimba blend with the depth of bass and the shimmer of hi-hats, creating a soundscape that dances on the edge of reality. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Mysterious, Chill; Instruments: Marimba, Bass, Hi-Hats)

9. Urban Oasis

Prompt: Find refuge in the heart of the city with a Deep House anthem that reflects the tranquility of an urban oasis. The flowing melodies of a piano are layered over a foundation of smooth bass and percussive rhythms, offering a moment of peace amidst the urban hustle. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Uplifting; Instruments: Piano, Bass, Percussion)

10. Cosmic Dawn

Prompt: Witness the universe's awakening with a Deep House composition that captures the majesty of cosmic dawn. Soaring pads soar alongside a driving bassline, punctuated by the celestial chime of bells, inviting you on a journey to the edges of the known and beyond. (Genres: Deep House, Synth wave; Vibe: Hopeful, Ethereal, Energetic; Instruments: Pad, Bass, Bell)

11. Neon Rain

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the glow of a neon-lit cityscape under a gentle rain. This Deep House track combines the sultry sound of saxophones with the rhythmic pulse of electronic beats and the soft patter of rain, encapsulating the vibrancy of city life. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Chill, Nostalgic, Serene; Instruments: Saxophone, Drums, Rain Sounds)

12. Velvet Shadows

Prompt: Explore the depth of night with a track where Deep House meets the softness of velvet shadows. The echo of a gentle guitar melds with the warmth of a soft pad and the precision of electronic rhythms, creating an intimate atmosphere that invites introspection. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Romantic, Calm; Instruments: Guitar, Pad, Electronic Drums)

13. Sundown Serenade

Prompt: Embrace the beauty of the setting sun with a Deep House serenade that captures the fleeting magic of twilight. The melodic caress of a harp intertwines with deep bass grooves and the subtle texture of synths, painting the sky in musical hues. (Genres: Deep House, Classical; Vibe: Peaceful, Uplifting, Serene; Instruments: Harp, Bass, Synth)

14. Celestial Voyage

Prompt: Embark on a celestial voyage where Deep House rhythms navigate through the stars. The pulsating energy of a bass guitar is layered with the futuristic sounds of a synth and the rhythmic guidance of percussion, charting a course through the cosmos. (Genres: Deep House, Future Bass; Vibe: Energetic, Dreamy, Hopeful; Instruments: Bass Guitar, Synth, Percussion)

15. Misty Mountain Call

Prompt: Ascend into the clouds with a track that captures the mystique of mist-covered mountains. The haunting melody of a flute, combined with the deep vibrations of bass and the texture of ambient pads, invites you into a world of serene majesty. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Ethereal, Serene; Instruments: Flute, Bass, Pad)

16. Arctic Pulse

Prompt: Feel the heartbeat of the Arctic with a Deep House track that encapsulates the icy beauty of polar landscapes. The crystalline sounds of a xylophone meet the chill of synth pads and the depth of electronic beats, reflecting the stark elegance of the frozen north. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Mysterious, Chill, Ethereal; Instruments: Xylophone, Synth Pad, Electronic Beats)

17. Echoes of the Ancient

Prompt: Traverse the sands of time with a Deep House melody that resonates with the echoes of ancient civilizations. The rhythmic strumming of a sitar, layered over deep electronic grooves and the whisper of wind, bridges the past and present in a timeless dance. (Genres: Deep House, World Music; Vibe: Mysterious, Dreamy, Calm; Instruments: Sitar, Electronic Grooves, Wind Sounds)

18. Twilight Tides

Prompt: Surrender to the ebb and flow of twilight tides with a Deep House composition that mirrors the ocean's tranquil movements. The gentle pluck of a guitar harmonizes with the fluidity of synth waves and the steady beat of drums, guiding you through the water's changing rhythms. (Genres: Deep House, Chill; Vibe: Serene, Peaceful, Dreamy; Instruments: Guitar, Synth, Drums)

19. Electric Embrace

Prompt: Engulf yourself in the warmth of an electric embrace with a track where Deep House meets the energy of love's spark. The vibrant hum of a bass guitar blends with the tender touch of piano keys and the embrace of electronic rhythms, creating a melody that pulses with affection. (Genres: Deep House, R&B; Vibe: Romantic, Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Bass Guitar, Piano, Electronic Rhythms)

20. Dusk to Dawn

Prompt: Journey from dusk to dawn with a Deep House track that celebrates the cycle of day and night. The rhythmic interplay of percussion with the melodic flow of a synth and the grounding presence of bass encapsulates the transformation of time, offering a soundtrack for all moments caught between sunset and sunrise. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Hopeful, Chill, Energetic; Instruments: Percussion, Synth, Bass)

21. Moonlit Groove

Prompt: Dance under the stars with a Deep House track that captures the vibrant energy of a moonlit night. The pulsing beats of a drum machine blend with the melodic riffs of a bass guitar and the shimmering textures of synth leads, creating an infectious rhythm that brings the nocturnal world to life. (Genres: Deep House, EDM; Vibe: Energetic, Dreamy, Uplifting; Instruments: Drum Machine, Bass Guitar, Synth Lead)

22. Whispering Woods

Prompt: Journey through the heart of an enchanted forest with a track that merges Deep House vibes with the mystique of nature. The soft percussion of falling leaves pairs with the melodic whispers of a flute and the deep resonance of a synth pad, guiding you through the whispering woods. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Serene, Mysterious, Calm; Instruments: Percussion, Flute, Synth Pad)

23. Sapphire Skies

Prompt: Soar through sapphire skies with a Deep House melody that embodies the freedom of flight. The dynamic flow of a synth bass meets the uplifting sweep of strings and the rhythmic pulse of electronic beats, painting the horizon with broad strokes of musical color. (Genres: Deep House, Orchestral; Vibe: Hopeful, Energetic, Uplifting; Instruments: Synth Bass, Strings, Electronic Beats)

24. Sunset Boulevard

Prompt: Capture the fleeting beauty of twilight on Sunset Boulevard with a Deep House track that echoes the warmth of fading light. The groovy undertones of a bass line meld with the nostalgic sound of a saxophone and the gentle rhythm of a hi-hat, creating a soundtrack for evenings spent chasing sunsets. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Nostalgic, Chill, Romantic; Instruments: Bass, Saxophone, Hi-Hat)

25. Digital Rainforest

Prompt: Explore a futuristic landscape where technology and nature converge in a Digital Rainforest. This Deep House creation combines the organic sounds of a marimba with the futuristic pulsations of a synth pad and the grounding beat of drums, illustrating a world where the wild and the wired coexist. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Mysterious, Ethereal, Energetic; Instruments: Marimba, Synth Pad, Drums)

26. Echoes of Atlantis

Prompt: Dive into the depths of mythology with a Deep House track inspired by the lost city of Atlantis. The mystical sound of a harp intertwines with the deep vibrations of bass and the ambient flow of a pad, evoking the mystery and majesty of ancient underwater realms. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Mysterious, Calm; Instruments: Harp, Bass, Pad)

27. Urban Jungle

Prompt: Navigate the complexity of the urban jungle with a Deep House track that reflects its dynamic pulse. The gritty texture of urban synths layers over the smooth groove of a bass guitar and the crisp snap of snare drums, capturing the essence of city life's vibrant rhythm. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious, Uplifting; Instruments: Synth, Bass Guitar, Snare Drum)

28. Glacial Melody

Prompt: Embrace the chill of a glacial landscape with a Deep House melody that mirrors the icy beauty of the Arctic. The crystalline clarity of a bell merges with the cool depth of a synth bass and the subtle rhythm of percussion, crafting a soundscape as majestic as it is frosty. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Ethereal, Serene; Instruments: Bell, Synth Bass, Percussion)

29. Neon Night Drive

Prompt: Accelerate through a neon-lit city with a Deep House soundtrack perfect for a night drive. The electric energy of synth leads fuses with the driving beats of drums and the bass's steady pulse, evoking the thrill of speeding down illuminated streets. (Genres: Deep House, Synth wave; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious, Dreamy; Instruments: Synth Lead, Drums, Bass)

30. Oasis of Serenity

Prompt: Discover an oasis of peace in the midst of chaos with a Deep House composition that soothes the soul. The gentle strumming of a guitar harmonizes with the soft caress of wind chimes and the ambient embrace of a synth pad, offering a sanctuary of sound where tranquility reigns supreme. (Genres: Deep House, Meditation; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Calm; Instruments: Guitar, Wind Chimes, Synth Pad)

31. Neon Oasis

Prompt: Venture into a vibrant oasis where neon lights meet the calm of the desert night. This Deep House track layers the resonant beats of a drum machine with the hypnotic melodies of a synth and the grounding rhythm of a bass guitar, creating an electrifying yet soothing escape. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Energetic, Serene, Mysterious; Instruments: Drum Machine, Synth, Bass Guitar)

32. Twilight Pulse

Prompt: Capture the pulsating heart of twilight with a Deep House melody that blends the day's warmth with the night's cool mystery. The smooth flow of a saxophone, paired with the deep groove of electronic beats and the ambient texture of a synth pad, offers a soundtrack to the fleeting moments of dusk. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Romantic, Nostalgic; Instruments: Saxophone, Electronic Beats, Synth Pad)

33. Celestial Serenade

Prompt: Soar through the heavens with a Deep House track that serenades the stars. Ethereal vocal chops float over a landscape of lush synth waves and deep bass, creating a celestial harmony that's both uplifting and grounding. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Hopeful, Ethereal; Instruments: Vocals, Synth, Bass)

34. Subterranean Groove

Prompt: Explore the depths of the earth with a rhythm that resonates through subterranean caverns. This Deep House composition melds the echoing tones of a marimba with the solid beat of percussion and the warmth of a bass line, invoking the mystery and beauty of the underground. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Mysterious, Chill, Energetic; Instruments: Marimba, Percussion, Bass)

35. Aurora Dance

Prompt: Witness the dance of the auroras with a track that captures the natural light show's magnificence. A haunting melody played on a violin intertwines with the steady pulse of deep house rhythms and the atmospheric sounds of a pad, creating a mesmerizing auditory spectacle. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Ethereal, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Violin, Rhythms, Pad)

36. Sunset Ritual

Prompt: Engage in a sonic sunset ritual where the day's end brings about a celebration of night. Tribal drums beat a rhythm for the soul, accompanied by the spiritual sounds of a flute and the depth of a synth bass, evoking a communal gathering at dusk. (Genres: Deep House, World Music; Vibe: Uplifting, Peaceful, Mysterious; Instruments: Drums, Flute, Synth Bass)

37. Urban Mystique

Prompt: Delve into the mystique of the urban landscape at night. The crisp sound of a snare drum cuts through the air, layered with the melodic lines of a jazz guitar and the ambient vibrations of a synth pad, painting a picture of mystery and allure amidst the city's glow. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Mysterious, Chill, Romantic; Instruments: Snare Drum, Jazz Guitar, Synth Pad)

38. Cosmic Drift

Prompt: Drift through the cosmos with a Deep House track that captures the essence of interstellar travel. The pulsating beat of a bass drum sets the pace for a journey among the stars, guided by the luminous melodies of a synth lead and the infinite expanse of a pad. (Genres: Deep House, Synth wave; Vibe: Ethereal, Dreamy, Hopeful; Instruments: Bass Drum, Synth Lead, Pad)

39. Liquid Mirage

Prompt: Quench your thirst with the sound of a liquid mirage, where water's fluidity meets the desert's heat. The gentle trickle of water sounds blends with the rhythmic pulse of deep house beats and the refreshing tone of a synth, creating an oasis of sound. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Chill; Instruments: Water Sounds, Beats, Synth)

40. Velvet Night

Prompt: Embrace the softness of a velvet night with a Deep House track that wraps you in its warmth. The intimate sound of a piano intertwines with the subtle groove of a drum machine and the deep embrace of a bass, offering solace in the solitude of the night. (Genres: Deep House, Soul; Vibe: Romantic, Calm, Serene; Instruments: Piano, Drum Machine, Bass)

41. Solar Flares

Prompt: Dance in the light of solar flares with a track that captures the sun's fiery energy. The dynamic rhythm of drums merges with the radiant melody of a synth and the powerful drive of a bass line, igniting a fiery passion within. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Energetic, Hopeful, Uplifting; Instruments: Drums, Synth, Bass)

42. Enchanted Forest

Prompt: Wander through an enchanted forest where magic lingers in the air. The mystical sound of a harp, combined with the earthy rhythm of bongos and the ethereal sweep of a synth pad, transports you to a world of wonder and whimsy. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Mysterious, Serene; Instruments: Harp, Bongos, Synth Pad)

43. Urban Dawn

Prompt: Experience the awakening of the city at dawn, where the first light meets the remnants of the night. The soothing melody of a guitar greets the new day, accompanied by the steady heartbeat of deep house beats and the gentle hum of a bass, heralding the start of something new. (Genres: Deep House, Chill; Vibe: Hopeful, Uplifting, Calm; Instruments: Guitar, Beats, Bass)

44. Moonlit Sonata

Prompt: Compose a moonlit sonata where classical beauty meets modern rhythm. A delicate piano plays under the moon's glow, supported by the contemporary pulse of electronic beats and the warmth of a synth bass, bridging two worlds in harmonious unity. (Genres: Deep House, Classical; Vibe: Romantic, Dreamy, Peaceful; Instruments: Piano, Electronic Beats, Synth Bass)

45. Shadow Dance

Prompt: Engage in a shadow dance, where light and darkness play in harmony. The flicker of a hi-hat dances with the shadowy depth of a bass and the luminous echoes of a synth, creating a rhythmic interplay between the seen and unseen. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Mysterious, Energetic, Chill; Instruments: Hi-Hat, Bass, Synth)

46. Zen Garden

Prompt: Find peace in a Zen garden, where every element is in perfect harmony. The tranquil sound of a bamboo flute flows over the meditative rhythm of a koto, grounded by the deep house foundation of electronic beats, offering a musical reflection of balance and tranquility. (Genres: Deep House, Meditation; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Peaceful; Instruments: Bamboo Flute, Koto, Electronic Beats)

47. Pharaoh's Echo

Prompt: Uncover ancient mysteries with a track that echoes the grandeur of the pharaohs. The majestic sound of a trumpet heralds tales of old, layered over the timeless groove of deep house beats and the mystical charm of a synth, connecting past and present. (Genres: Deep House, World Music; Vibe: Mysterious, Dramatic, Hopeful; Instruments: Trumpet, Beats, Synth)

48. Electric Dusk

Prompt: Embrace the electric dusk where the day's energy transforms into night's potential. The vibrant play of a electric guitar cuts through the twilight, backed by the pulsating rhythm of deep house beats and the smooth flow of a synth bass, electrifying the evening air. (Genres: Deep House, Rock; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious, Uplifting; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Beats, Synth Bass)

49. Oceanic Pulse

Prompt: Dive into the heart of the ocean with a track that captures its vast, pulsating life force. The deep call of a conch shell merges with the rhythmic sway of sea waves and the driving force of deep house beats, evoking the powerful, yet serene, spirit of the sea. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Ethereal, Serene; Instruments: Conch Shell, Sea Waves, Beats)

50. Stardust Melody

Prompt: Float in the cosmic expanse with a melody made of stardust. Ethereal voices sing the song of the universe, accompanied by the infinite pulse of a synth pad and the grounding rhythm of a bass, weaving the fabric of space and time into a musical tapestry. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Hopeful, Ethereal; Instruments: Vocals, Synth Pad, Bass)

51. Midnight Marina

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of a midnight marina, where the calm waters reflect the moon's glow. A deep, rolling bass merges with the soft plucks of a guitar and the gentle laps of water sounds, creating a tranquil soundscape perfect for nocturnal reflections. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Serene, Calm, Peaceful; Instruments: Bass, Guitar, Water Sounds)

52. Solar Winds

Prompt: Harness the energy of solar winds with a track that moves with the power and unpredictability of the cosmos. Synth leads soar across a landscape of driving deep house beats and a pulsating bass line, evoking the awe-inspiring force of celestial phenomena. (Genres: Deep House, Techno; Vibe: Energetic, Ethereal, Uplifting; Instruments: Synth Lead, Beats, Bass)

53. Urban Twilight

Prompt: Explore the fleeting moments of twilight in an urban landscape, where the day's hustle fades into the night's promise. The melodic interplay of a piano with ambient synths and a steady deep house rhythm captures the transitional beauty of dusk in the city. (Genres: Deep House, Chill; Vibe: Nostalgic, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Piano, Synth, Rhythm)

54. Cosmic Lounge

Prompt: Step into a cosmic lounge, a space where futuristic beats meet timeless chill. A velvet smooth saxophone layers over electronic textures and deep, rhythmic pulses, crafting an atmosphere that's both relaxing and invigorating, inviting listeners to unwind in style. (Genres: Deep House, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Dreamy, Sophisticated; Instruments: Saxophone, Electronic Textures, Rhythmic Pulses)

55. Mountain Echo

Prompt: Let the echoes of mountainous landscapes guide your creation, where the majesty of nature meets the depth of sound. A haunting flute melody reverberates against a backdrop of deep house beats and a warm bass, invoking the awe and solitude of towering peaks. (Genres: Deep House, Ambient; Vibe: Peaceful, Mysterious, Uplifting; Instruments: Flute, Beats, Bass)

These prompts are designed to serve as a springboard for your creativity, each one a potential masterpiece waiting to be realized. With Soundverse AI, the depth and richness of Deep House are at your fingertips, ready to be shaped into your next viral hit.

So, that's it for now folks. But I really hope these prompts get you started and help you build the next hit! Feel free to copy them and use them in the Studio. And if you make something that you're really proud of, simply tag us on socials. 😉💙

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