40+ Hand Picked Lofi Text-to-Music AI Music Generation Prompts For All Occasions


Unleashing Creativity with Song Prompts

Music's power lies in its emotional depth, storytelling ability, and connection-building. Yet, even the most gifted musicians sometimes hit a creative block. Song prompts are a key to unlocking new waves of inspiration.

Unlocking Inspiration with Song Prompts

Song prompts are innovative sparks that kickstart the creative process in music composition. They might be simple words, genre, instruments, vibe phrases, images, or scenarios, but their impact is profound. These prompts serve as creative catalysts, opening doors to new ideas and helping artists break free from writer's block.

Use Soundverse's Text to Music (AI Magic Tool) to Convert Your Dreams To Music

“Text to music” feature enables users to type in a prompt, and the AI within Soundverse can generate the music from that text input. This approach streamlines the music creation process and simplifies music composition, making it accessible to everyone, including individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of music theory or complex software. You just need to type the prompt and click on the send button to generate music.

Soundverse Text to Music AI Magic Tool

Writing a perfect prompt or explanatory prompt plays an essential role in generating perfect audios. Here are some tips to draft the perfect prompt-

  • Specify the genre- Rock, electronic, house, pop, jazz etc.
  • Mention the instruments to be included- Guitar, Bass, Synth, Piano, Drums etc.
  • Narrate the vibe of the audio to Soundverse
  • Choose Duration

After receiving initial outputs, feel free to iterate and refine your prompt based on the results. Don’t be afraid to let the AI surprise you. Sometimes, giving it some creative freedom can yield fantastic results. Example prompts- “In a packed arena, the electric guitar wailed and the drums thundered. The crowd surged with adrenaline as the rock band’senergetic performance ignited a rebellious spirit, setting the stage for a night of wild rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. Speed of the song is very fast!”

Try to make prompts as long as possible as AI doesn't hallucinate much while generating music when lot of information is provided by the creator.

And you're good to go!

You can also use Filter to Music (AI Magic Tool) to generate music instead of typing prompt. Soundverse filter to music gif

Here are 40+ Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music

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1. Lofi Dreamscape Escape

Prompt: Drift into a serene dreamscape where soft piano melodies intertwine with the subtle textures of a synth pad. This tranquil journey is complemented by the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, creating a peaceful retreat from the world. (Genres: Lo-fi, Meditation; Vibe: Calm, Dreamy, Peaceful; Instruments: Piano, Synth Pad, Acoustic Guitar)

2. Urban Lofi Chillout

Prompt: Capture the essence of a city at night with a lo-fi beat that blends the nostalgic sound of a saxophone with the urban pulse of bass and drums. This soundtrack is perfect for late-night reflections or a chill study session. (Genres: Lo-fi, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Nostalgic, Study; Instruments: Saxophone, Bass, Drums)

3. Lofi Sunset Serenade

Prompt: As the sun dips below the horizon, a lo-fi melody carried by a soft piano and a gentle guitar invites you into a state of relaxation. The distant sound of a marimba adds a touch of whimsy to this serene auditory experience. (Genres: Lo-fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Marimba)

4. Retro Lofi Lounge

Prompt: Step into a retro lounge where lo-fi beats meet the warm tones of a trumpet and the rhythmic pulse of percussion. This blend creates a space where past and present coexist in a soothing, nostalgic ambiance. (Genres: Lo-fi, Soul; Vibe: Chill, Nostalgic, Romantic; Instruments: Trumpet, Percussion, Synth)

5. Lofi Rainy Day Reflections

Prompt: Let the sound of rain and a mellow lo-fi beat be your companions in introspection. The melancholic melody of a cello, combined with the subtle harmony of a piano, creates a comforting cocoon for contemplative moments. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Calm, Sad, Peaceful; Instruments: Cello, Piano, Synth Pad)

6. Cosmic Lofi Journey

Prompt: Embark on a cosmic journey with lo-fi beats that evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. The ethereal sounds of a synth and the celestial vibrations of a bell guide you through the vastness of the universe. (Genres: Lo-fi, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Ethereal, Hopeful; Instruments: Synth, Bell, Pad)

7. Lofi Forest Retreat

Prompt: Escape into the heart of a lush forest where the sounds of nature blend harmoniously with lo-fi beats. A flute's melody intertwines with the soft strumming of a ukulele, creating a soundtrack for relaxation and renewal. (Genres: Lo-fi, Folk; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Calm; Instruments: Flute, Ukulele, Percussion)

8. Lofi Vintage Vinyl Night

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the warmth of a vintage vinyl night, where the crackling of a record player sets the stage for a lo-fi journey. The smooth sounds of a jazz guitar and the rhythmic beats of a drum bring back memories of a bygone era. (Genres: Lo-fi, Blues; Vibe: Nostalgic, Chill, Romantic; Instruments: Jazz Guitar, Drums, Bass)

9. Midnight Lofi Cityscape

Prompt: Explore the city's heartbeat at midnight through a lo-fi lens. The urban vibe is captured by the echo of a distant trumpet, the groove of a bass guitar, and the steady beat of drums, painting a picture of nocturnal wanderlust. (Genres: Lo-fi, Hip Hop; Vibe: Mysterious, Chill, Energetic; Instruments: Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Drums)

10. Lofi Seaside Morning

Prompt: Welcome the morning by the seaside with a soothing lo-fi melody that combines the gentle rhythm of steel drums with the harmonic presence of a synth. This serene composition is perfect for starting your day with a moment of peace. (Genres: Lo-fi, Tropical House; Vibe: Uplifting, Peaceful, Calm; Instruments: Steel Drum, Synth, Percussion)

11. Lofi Winter Whisper

Prompt: A cozy lo-fi beat that mimics the silent whisper of snowfall, featuring the mellow tones of a piano, the warm embrace of strings, and the subtle rhythm of soft percussion. It's the perfect soundtrack for a reflective winter's evening. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Calm; Instruments: Piano, Strings, Percussion)

12. Lofi Study Groove

Prompt: Focus meets rhythm in this lo-fi study groove. The combination of a steady drum beat, the intellectual vibe of a saxophone, and the focused energy of a bass guitar creates an environment that enhances concentration and productivity. (Genres: Lo-fi, Jazz; Vibe: Study, Calm, Motivational; Instruments: Drums, Saxophone, Bass)

13. Lofi Urban Sunrise

Prompt: Witness the dawn of a new day in the city with a lo-fi track that captures the hopeful energy of a sunrise. The gentle plucking of a guitar, the optimistic tone of a trumpet, and the foundational beat of drums welcome the morning light. (Genres: Lo-fi, Indie; Vibe: Hopeful, Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Guitar, Trumpet, Drums)

14. Lofi Evening Jazz Cafe

Prompt: An evening at a jazz cafe, distilled into a lo-fi melody. The soft murmur of a crowd, the sophisticated tone of a piano, and the relaxed rhythm of a double bass create an ambiance of comfort and creativity. (Genres: Lo-fi, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Romantic, Sophisticated; Instruments: Piano, Double Bass, Soft Percussion)

15. Lofi Dreams of Travel

Prompt: Let your mind wander to distant lands with a lo-fi track that fuels your dreams of travel. Ethereal pads, a gentle kalimba melody, and a relaxed drum pattern provide the perfect backdrop for your imagination. (Genres: Lo-fi, World Music; Vibe: Dreamy, Peaceful, Hopeful; Instruments: Pad, Kalimba, Drums)

16. Lofi Cosmic Night

Prompt: Explore the mysteries of the night sky with a lo-fi soundtrack that blends the otherworldly sound of a synth with the grounding rhythm of bass and percussion. It’s an invitation to dream and ponder the cosmos. (Genres: Lo-fi, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Ethereal, Calm; Instruments: Synth, Bass, Percussion)

17. Lofi Autumn Reflections

Prompt: The essence of autumn captured in a lo-fi beat. The rustling of leaves, the melody of an acoustic guitar, and the subtle warmth of a cello paint a picture of introspection and change. (Genres: Lo-fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Nostalgic, Peaceful, Reflective; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Soft Drums)

18. Lofi Heartbeat of the City

Prompt: Feel the pulse of the urban landscape through a lo-fi rhythm that combines the vibrancy of street life with the solitude of city nights. The syncopated beat of drums, the narrative voice of a saxophone, and the texture of urban synths create a multifaceted auditory experience. (Genres: Lo-fi, Hip Hop; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious, Chill; Instruments: Drums, Saxophone, Synth)

19. Lofi Vintage Study Session

Prompt: A study session fueled by the charm of vintage sounds, where the crackle of vinyl, the wisdom of a piano, and the steady support of a bass guitar create a lo-fi atmosphere ripe for learning and creativity. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Study, Calm, Nostalgic; Instruments: Vinyl Crackles, Piano, Bass Guitar)

20. Lofi Serene Morning

Prompt: Awaken to a serene morning with a lo-fi soundtrack that embodies the quiet joy of dawn. The gentle caress of a harp, the optimistic chirp of a flute, and the soft rhythm of a brush drum invite you to greet the day with open arms. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Uplifting; Instruments: Harp, Flute, Brush Drum)

21. Lofi Rainforest Retreat

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the heart of a rainforest, where the natural world inspires a lo-fi melody. The gentle patter of rain, the organic rhythm of percussion, and the distant calls of a flute create a tranquil escape into nature. (Genres: Lo-fi, World Music; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Calm; Instruments: Rain Sounds, Percussion, Flute)

22. Lofi Night Drive

Prompt: Cruise through the city at night with a soundtrack that merges the solitude of the evening with the vibrancy of streetlights. A steady drum beat, the soft hum of a bass, and the reflective melody of a synthesizer guide you through the quiet streets. (Genres: Lo-fi, Synthwave; Vibe: Chill, Dreamy, Mysterious; Instruments: Drums, Bass, Synthesizer)

23. Lofi Winter Cozy

Prompt: Wrap yourself in the warmth of a cozy lo-fi beat on a cold winter's day. The crackling of a fireplace, the soothing tone of a guitar, and the mellow depth of a cello create a snug and comforting ambiance. (Genres: Lo-fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Peaceful; Instruments: Fireplace Sounds, Guitar, Cello)

24. Lofi Summer Breeze

Prompt: Experience the ease of a summer breeze with a lo-fi track that captures the essence of sunny days and freedom. The cheerful strumming of a ukulele, the laid-back rhythm of drums, and the airy melody of a whistle evoke the spirit of summer. (Genres: Lo-fi, Reggae; Vibe: Happy, Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Ukulele, Drums, Whistle)

25. Lofi Urban Dawn

Prompt: Greet the dawn in the urban jungle with a lo-fi melody that brings together the hopeful light of morning and the lingering energy of the night. The peaceful sound of a piano, the steady beat of drums, and the ambient texture of a city waking up set the tone for a new day. (Genres: Lo-fi, Ambient; Vibe: Hopeful, Calm, Energetic; Instruments: Piano, Drums, City Ambience)

26. Lofi Intergalactic Journey

Prompt: Set off on an intergalactic journey with a lo-fi beat that explores the vastness of space. The otherworldly sound of a synth, the grounding rhythm of a bass, and the cosmic vibe of a pad create a soundtrack for adventure beyond the stars. (Genres: Lo-fi, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Ethereal, Mysterious; Instruments: Synth, Bass, Pad)

27. Lofi Study in the Library

Prompt: Create the perfect study ambiance with a lo-fi track that echoes the quiet concentration of a library. The soft tapping of keys, the whisper of pages turning, and the mellow tones of a piano foster focus and productivity. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Study, Calm, Concentrated; Instruments: Keyboard Tapping, Page Turning, Piano)

28. Lofi Sunset Serenade

Prompt: Bid the day farewell with a lo-fi serenade that captures the colors of the sunset. The soothing strum of a guitar, the gentle caress of a harp, and the rhythm of soft drums paint a musical picture of the sky transitioning from day to night. (Genres: Lo-fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Guitar, Harp, Soft Drums)

29. Lofi Ocean Waves

Prompt: Drift away to the sound of ocean waves and a calming lo-fi melody. The tranquil harmony of a synth pad, the rhythmic pulse of a marimba, and the soothing sound of the sea create a peaceful escape to the coast. (Genres: Lo-fi, Meditation; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Peaceful; Instruments: Synth Pad, Marimba, Ocean Sounds)

30. Lofi Vintage Game Night

Prompt: Relive the nostalgia of vintage video games with a lo-fi beat. The playful blips of a synth, the rhythmic backing of percussion, and the ambient sounds of gamers at play evoke memories of past adventures in pixelated worlds. (Genres: Lo-fi, Chiptune; Vibe: Nostalgic, Happy, Energetic; Instruments: Synth, Percussion, Ambient Game Sounds)

31. Lofi Morning Yoga

Prompt: Start your day with a gentle lo-fi beat that accompanies your morning yoga routine. The serene sounds of a sitar, the soft rhythm of a tambourine, and the ambient flow of a calm stream set a tranquil mood for mindfulness and movement. (Genres: Lo-fi, Meditation; Vibe: Calm, Peaceful, Serene; Instruments: Sitar, Tambourine, Stream Sounds)

32. Lofi Rainy Cafe

Prompt: Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a cozy cafe on a rainy day with a comforting lo-fi soundtrack. The rhythmic patter of rain, the warm hum of a bass guitar, and the intimate notes of a café piano create a perfect backdrop for relaxation or study. (Genres: Lo-fi, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Nostalgic, Peaceful; Instruments: Rain Sounds, Bass Guitar, Piano)

33. Lofi Space Lounge

Prompt: Float in the weightlessness of space with a lo-fi track that evokes the feeling of being in a futuristic lounge among the stars. Ethereal pads, gentle electronic beats, and distant cosmic sounds provide a soundtrack for interstellar relaxation. (Genres: Lo-fi, Ambient; Vibe: Dreamy, Ethereal, Calm; Instruments: Pad, Electronic Drums, Cosmic Sounds)

34. Lofi Twilight Musings

Prompt: Reflect on the day's events with a lo-fi melody that captures the introspective mood of twilight. The soft strumming of an acoustic guitar, the reflective sound of a violin, and the subtle accompaniment of a harp invite a moment of contemplation. (Genres: Lo-fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Reflective, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Harp)

35. Lofi Autumn Bonfire

Prompt: Gather around the warmth of an autumn bonfire with a lo-fi track that celebrates the season's coziness. The crackle of the fire, the comforting melody of an accordion, and the rhythmic shake of a tambourine create a festive and warm atmosphere. (Genres: Lo-fi, Folk; Vibe: Warm, Nostalgic, Peaceful; Instruments: Fire Crackling, Accordion, Tambourine)

36. Lofi Vintage Road Trip

Prompt: Hit the road with a soundtrack that brings together the thrill of adventure and the nostalgia of a vintage road trip. A lo-fi beat, the cheerful jangle of a banjo, and the scenic hum of the road invite you on a journey through memory lane. (Genres: Lo-fi, Country; Vibe: Happy, Uplifting, Nostalgic; Instruments: Lo-fi Beat, Banjo, Road Sounds)

37. Lofi Garden Retreat

Prompt: Escape to a serene garden retreat with a lo-fi melody that harmonizes with the natural world. The whisper of wind, the gentle pluck of a mandolin, and the soft percussion of falling leaves create an oasis of calm and beauty. (Genres: Lo-fi, World Music; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene, Calm; Instruments: Wind Sounds, Mandolin, Leaf Percussion)

38. Lofi Snowy Evening

Prompt: Embrace the quiet beauty of a snowy evening with a lo-fi track that captures the hush of a winter's night. The muffled thump of snowfall, the warm glow of a piano, and the delicate chime of bells reflect the peaceful solitude of the season. (Genres: Lo-fi, Classical; Vibe: Calm, Peaceful, Reflective; Instruments: Snowfall Sounds, Piano, Bells)

39. Lofi Downtown Groove

Prompt: Feel the pulse of the city's heart with a lo-fi beat that mirrors the vibrant life of downtown. The buzz of the crowd, the smooth flow of a saxophone, and the steady rhythm of urban drums paint a picture of dynamic city life. (Genres: Lo-fi, Jazz; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Crowd Sounds, Saxophone, Drums)

40. Lofi Starry Night Camping

Prompt: Under the canopy of a starry sky, a lo-fi track evokes the magic of camping in the great outdoors. The crackling of a campfire, the gentle strumming of a guitar, and the ambient sounds of the night create an atmosphere of adventure and wonder. (Genres: Lo-fi, Folk; Vibe: Peaceful, Dreamy, Adventurous; Instruments: Campfire Sounds, Acoustic Guitar, Night Sounds)

41. Lofi Sunrise Meditation

Prompt: Welcome the new day with a lo-fi track that encapsulates the serene beauty of a sunrise meditation. The soft chirping of morning birds, the soothing melody of a flute, and the gentle rhythm of a synth pad create a peaceful ambiance for mindfulness and renewal. (Genres: Lo-fi, Meditation; Vibe: Serene, Peaceful, Uplifting; Instruments: Bird Sounds, Flute, Synth Pad)

So, that's it for now folks. But I really hope these prompts get you started and help you build the next hit! Feel free to copy them and use them in the Studio. And if you make something that you're really proud of, simply tag us on socials. 😉💙

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