100+ Hand Picked Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music


Unleashing Creativity with Song Prompts

Music's power lies in its emotional depth, storytelling ability, and connection-building. Yet, even the most gifted musicians sometimes hit a creative block. Song prompts are a key to unlocking new waves of inspiration.

Unlocking Inspiration with Song Prompts

Song prompts are innovative sparks that kickstart the creative process in music composition. They might be simple words, genre, instruments, vibe phrases, images, or scenarios, but their impact is profound. These prompts serve as creative catalysts, opening doors to new ideas and helping artists break free from writer's block.

Use Soundverse's Text to Music (AI Magic Tool) to Convert Your Dreams To Music

“Text to music” feature enables users to type in a prompt, and the AI within Soundverse can generate the music from that text input. This approach streamlines the music creation process and simplifies music composition, making it accessible to everyone, including individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of music theory or complex software. You just need to type the prompt and click on the send button to generate music.

Soundverse Text to Music AI Magic Tool

Writing a perfect prompt or explanatory prompt plays an essential role in generating perfect audios. Here are some tips to draft the perfect prompt-

  • Specify the genre- Rock, electronic, house, pop, jazz etc.
  • Mention the instruments to be included- Guitar, Bass, Synth, Piano, Drums etc.
  • Narrate the vibe of the audio to Soundverse
  • Choose Duration

After receiving initial outputs, feel free to iterate and refine your prompt based on the results. Don’t be afraid to let the AI surprise you. Sometimes, giving it some creative freedom can yield fantastic results. Example prompts- “In a packed arena, the electric guitar wailed and the drums thundered. The crowd surged with adrenaline as the rock band’senergetic performance ignited a rebellious spirit, setting the stage for a night of wild rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. Speed of the song is very fast!”

Try to make prompts as long as possible as AI doesn't hallucinate much while generating music when lot of information is provided by the creator.

And you're good to go!

You can also use Filter to Music (AI Magic Tool) to generate music instead of typing prompt. Soundverse filter to music gif

Here are 100+ Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music


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1. Electro-Pop Renaissance

Envision an Electro-Pop track that merges the high-energy beats of EDM with the catchy melodies of Pop. This fusion creates a sound that's both danceable and singable. Picture a summer festival atmosphere, with the synth driving the melody and the beat dropping into a euphoric dance sequence. The vibe is Happy, Energetic, and Uplifting, using instruments like Synth, Drums, with a fast tempo that encourages dancing. (Genres: EDM, Pop)

2. Hip Hop Lofi Lounge

Imagine a Hip Hop track layered with Lofi elements, creating a laid-back, chill atmosphere that's perfect for lounging or studying. The beat is relaxed but catchy, featuring smooth rap verses over a mellow lofi background. The vibe is Chill, Calm, and Study, using instruments like Soft Percussion, Piano, at a medium pace conducive to relaxation or focus. (Genres: Hip Hop, Lo-fi)

3. Phonk Power Surge

Picture a Phonk track with its unique blend of Hip Hop and EDM, characterized by its raw energy and intense rhythms. The track would have a dynamic structure, with a pulsating beat that builds up to a powerful drop. The vibe is Energetic, Dark, and Motivational, using instruments like Bass, Drums, and Synth, with a fast tempo that's both invigorating and engaging. (Genres: Phonk, Hip Hop)

4. Cinematic Indie Dreams

Imagine an Indie track that takes on a Cinematic quality, weaving a story through its lyrics and instrumentation. The sound is rich and emotive, blending the authenticity of Indie music with the grandeur of Cinematic scores. The vibe is Dramatic, Nostalgic, and Dreamy, using instruments like Guitar, Violin, and Soft Drums, at a medium pace that draws listeners into its narrative. (Genres: Indie, Cinematic)

5. Classical EDM Symphony

Envision an EDM track infused with Classical influences, creating a unique blend of contemporary electronic beats and timeless orchestral sounds. This track would juxtapose the high-energy of EDM with the elegance of Classical, resulting in a majestic and powerful sound. The vibe is Epic, Uplifting, and Dramatic, using instruments like Synth, Strings, and Choir, with a tempo that fluctuates between energetic EDM beats and more measured classical segments. (Genres: EDM, Classical)

6. Latin EDM Fiesta

Picture an EDM track that incorporates vibrant Latin rhythms and instruments, creating a sound that's both lively and culturally rich. The track would be perfect for dance parties, with a rhythm that's irresistible to move to. The vibe is Happy, Energetic, and Romantic, using instruments like Percussion, Steel Drum, and Synth, with a fast tempo that captures the spirit of a fiesta. (Genres: EDM, Latin)

7. Soulful Lo-Fi Reflections

Imagine a Lo-Fi track enriched with the depth of Soul music, creating a deeply relaxing and introspective listening experience. The track would have a smooth, flowing rhythm, with soulful vocals that add an emotional depth to the lofi beats. The vibe is Serene, Chill, and Hopeful, using instruments like Soft Drums, Saxophone, and Piano, at a slow pace that soothes the soul. (Genres: Lo-fi, Soul)

8. Rock and Rap Fusion Force

Envision a track that combines the raw power of Rock with the rhythmic flow of Rap. This fusion would create a sound that's both aggressive and rhythmically engaging, perfect for expressing bold themes and messages. The vibe is Energetic, Angry, and Motivational, using instruments like Electric Guitar, Drums, with a tempo that matches the intensity of the fusion. (Genres: Rock, Rap)

9. Country Pop Crossover Charm

Picture a track that blends the storytelling of Country with the catchy melodies of Pop. This blend creates a sound that's relatable and heartwarming, appealing to fans of both genres. The vibe is Nostalgic, Happy, and Romantic, using instruments like Acoustic Guitar, Violin, with a medium tempo that's easy to listen to and enjoy. (Genres: Country, Pop)

10. Deep House Meditation

Imagine a Deep House track that incorporates elements of Meditation music, creating a serene yet rhythmic listening experience. The track would have a deep, pulsating beat layered with tranquil, meditative sounds, perfect for relaxation or low-intensity activities. The vibe is Calm, Ethereal, and Dreamy, using instruments like Soft Percussion, Pad, and Synth, at a medium pace

11. Synthwave Sunset Drive

Prompt: Envision a track where Synthwave meets Chill, perfect for a sunset drive. The melody is driven by a warm synth, supported by a laid-back beat and occasional soft bells, creating a nostalgic and serene atmosphere. (Genres: Synthwave, Chill; Vibe: Nostalgic, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Synth, Soft Drums, Bell)

12. Urban Jazz Fusion

Prompt: Picture a Jazz track infused with elements of Hip Hop, creating a sophisticated yet street-smart sound. Smooth saxophone lines intertwine with a cool hip hop beat and a deep bass, perfect for a night in the city. (Genres: Jazz, Hip Hop; Vibe: Cool, Sophisticated, Chill; Instruments: Saxophone, Bass, Drums)

13. Ethereal Orchestral Dreams

Prompt: Imagine an Orchestral piece blended with Ambient sounds, creating an ethereal and dreamy soundscape. Soft strings and a gentle harp create a floating sensation, supported by ambient pads that add depth and mystery. (Genres: Orchestral, Ambient; Vibe: Ethereal, Dreamy, Peaceful; Instruments: Strings, Harp, Pad)

14. Funky Groove Night

Prompt: Fuse Funk with Deep House for an irresistibly groovy track. The funk guitar sets a playful mood, intertwined with deep house rhythms and funky basslines, perfect for a lively night out. (Genres: Funk, Deep House; Vibe: Playful, Energetic, Happy; Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Electronic Drums)

15. Mystical Reggae Spirits

Prompt: Merge Reggae with Psy Trance to create a mystical vibe. Steel drums carry the reggae melody, while the trance synths add a layer of depth, creating a unique blend of cultural and psychedelic sounds. (Genres: Reggae, Psy Trance; Vibe: Mystical, Energetic, Chill; Instruments: Steel Drum, Synth, Percussion)

16. Rustic Country Roads

Prompt: Blend Country with Blues for a rustic, soulful journey. Imagine a slide guitar and harmonica playing over a steady country rhythm, creating a sound that's both heartwarming and soul-stirring. (Genres: Country, Blues; Vibe: Nostalgic, Soulful, Calm; Instruments: Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Drums)

17. Techno City Pulse

Prompt: Combine Techno with Tech House for a track that captures the pulse of the city. Pulsating synths and rhythmic percussion create an energetic vibe, perfect for a night of dancing in an urban landscape. (Genres: Techno, Tech House; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting, Dark; Instruments: Synth, Percussion, Bass)

18. Indie Folk Escape

Prompt: Envision an Indie track with a Folk twist, creating a peaceful escape to nature. Acoustic guitar and banjo melodies intertwine, supported by gentle percussion, perfect for a reflective and serene moment. (Genres: Indie, Folk; Vibe: Peaceful, Reflective, Serene; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Soft Drums)

19. Rock Revival Energy

Prompt: Picture a Rock track with a touch of Metal, energizing and powerful. Electric guitar riffs drive the melody, supported by powerful drums and a strong bassline, perfect for a high-energy experience. (Genres: Rock, Metal; Vibe: Energetic, Powerful, Uplifting; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass)

2O. Meditative Zen Garden

Prompt: Blend elements of Meditation with Ambient music for a Zen-like experience. Soft pads create a peaceful backdrop, complemented by the gentle sounds of a marimba and flute, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness. (Genres: Meditation, Ambient; Vibe: Peaceful, Calm, Serene; Instruments: Pad, Marimba, Flute)

21. Epic Adventure Soundtrack

Prompt: Combine Orchestral with Future Bass to create an epic adventure soundtrack. The track opens with dramatic strings and brass, leading to a powerful future bass drop, conjuring images of heroic journeys. (Genres: Orchestral, Future Bass; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic, Energetic; Instruments: Strings, Brass, Synth)

22. Jazz Lounge Essence

Prompt: Merge Jazz with R&B for a smooth, lounge-style track. A cool saxophone melody floats over a laid-back R&B beat and a walking bassline, perfect for a sophisticated evening atmosphere. (Genres: Jazz, R&B; Vibe: Chill, Romantic, Sophisticated; Instruments: Saxophone, Bass, Drums)

23. Chillhop Study Session

Prompt: Blend Lo-fi with Hip Hop to create the ultimate chillhop study track. A relaxed beat underpins a jazzy piano and soft synth chords, providing a soothing backdrop for concentration. (Genres: Lo-fi, Hip Hop; Vibe: Study, Calm, Chill; Instruments: Piano, Soft Drums, Synth)

24. Desert Blues Mirage

Prompt: Combine Blues with World Music for a track that evokes the mystery of the desert. A blues guitar intertwines with world percussion and a haunting flute, creating a mirage-like soundscape. (Genres: Blues, World; Vibe: Mysterious, Nostalgic, Calm; Instruments: Guitar, Flute, Percussion)

25. Techno Industrial Revolution

Prompt: Merge Techno with Industrial to create a high-energy, mechanized sound. Pounding drums and distorted synths build an atmosphere of a futuristic industrial landscape. (Genres: Techno, Industrial; Vibe: Dark, Energetic, Angry; Instruments: Synth, Percussion, Bass)

26. Reggae Sun Vibes

Prompt: Blend Reggae with Soul for a relaxed, sun-soaked track. A gentle reggae rhythm underpins soulful melodies played on the steel drum and a soft bass, perfect for a sunny beach day or a relaxed gathering. (Genres: Reggae, Soul; Vibe: Happy, Chill, Peaceful; Instruments: Steel Drum, Bass, Percussion)

27. Ambient Space Odyssey

Prompt: Combine Ambient with Synthwave to create an ethereal space odyssey soundtrack. Imagine floating through the cosmos with layers of ambient pads and twinkling synth arpeggios, evoking a sense of wonder and exploration. (Genres: Ambient, Synthwave; Vibe: Ethereal, Mysterious, Dreamy; Instruments: Pad, Synth, Percussion)

28. Indie Folk Serenity

Prompt: Merge Indie with Folk for a heartwarming and serene track. Acoustic guitars intertwine with a soft mandolin and gentle percussion, creating a cozy, introspective ambiance perfect for reflective moments or a peaceful afternoon. (Genres: Indie, Folk; Vibe: Serene, Reflective, Calm; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Soft Drums)

29. Funky Disco Revival

Prompt: Combine Funk with Disco for a vibrant, dance-inducing track. Funky basslines meet disco rhythms and electric guitar, creating a retro yet modern party vibe that's impossible not to dance to. (Genres: Funk, Disco; Vibe: Energetic, Happy, Uplifting; Instruments: Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums)

30. Cinematic Fantasy Tale

Prompt: Blend Orchestral with World Music to create a soundtrack for a cinematic fantasy tale. Ethereal strings and epic brass sections intertwine with exotic world instruments, taking listeners on an adventurous and mystical journey. (Genres: Orchestral, World; Vibe: Epic, Mysterious, Dramatic; Instruments: Strings, Brass, World Instruments)

31. Chillwave Coastal Journey

Prompt: Fuse Chillwave with Ambient for a serene coastal vibe. Soft synth pads and a gentle piano evoke the tranquility of the sea, complemented by subtle percussion like the rhythm of waves. (Genres: Chillwave, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Serene, Dreamy; Instruments: Synth Pads, Piano, Soft Percussion)

32. Future Bass Space Odyssey

Prompt: Combine Future Bass with Synthwave for a cosmic adventure. Energetic synth leads and futuristic bass drops create a sense of exploring uncharted galaxies, with electronic drums driving the journey. (Genres: Future Bass, Synthwave; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting, Mysterious; Instruments: Synth Leads, Bass, Electronic Drums)

33. Rustic Blues Serenade

Prompt: Merge Blues with Country for a soulful, rustic melody. Slide guitar and harmonica convey deep emotional stories, backed by a steady, comforting rhythm. (Genres: Blues, Country; Vibe: Soulful, Nostalgic, Calm; Instruments: Slide Guitar, Harmonica, Drums)

34. Psychedelic Rock Voyage

Prompt: Blend Psychedelic Rock with Indie for an immersive musical experience. Electric guitars with reverb and phaser effects create a mind-bending atmosphere, supported by a dynamic drum beat. (Genres: Psychedelic Rock, Indie; Vibe: Trippy, Energetic, Dreamy; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass)

35. Deep House Night Groove

Prompt: Combine Deep House with Tech House for a mesmerizing night rhythm. Deep, pulsating basslines and rhythmic synth stabs set the mood for an unforgettable dance experience. (Genres: Deep House, Tech House; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting, Dark; Instruments: Bass, Synth, Electronic Drums)

36. Retro Funk Disco Party

Prompt: Mix Funk with Disco for a retro dance track. Funk guitar riffs and disco beats bring back the glamour of the 70s, with an infectious energy that's impossible to resist. (Genres: Funk, Disco; Vibe: Energetic, Happy, Nostalgic; Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums)

37. Orchestral Fantasy Epic

Prompt: Blend Orchestral with Cinematic for a grand fantasy epic. Sweeping string sections and majestic brass create a soundtrack fit for grand adventures and epic tales. (Genres: Orchestral, Cinematic; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic, Uplifting; Instruments: Strings, Brass, Percussion)

38. Jazz Lounge Relaxation

Prompt: Fuse Jazz with Soul for a relaxing lounge experience. Smooth saxophone and upright bass set a sophisticated and relaxing mood, perfect for unwinding. (Genres: Jazz, Soul; Vibe: Chill, Sophisticated, Serene; Instruments: Saxophone, Upright Bass, Soft Drums)

39. Electro Swing Revival

Prompt: Combine Electro with Swing for a modern take on classic swing. Energetic electronic beats merge with jazzy brass and piano, creating a fun, danceable rhythm. (Genres: Electro, Swing; Vibe: Energetic, Fun, Nostalgic; Instruments: Brass, Piano, Electronic Drums)

40. Meditative Zen Escape

Prompt: Merge Meditation with Ambient for a peaceful Zen escape. Soft pads and gentle nature sounds create an atmosphere of tranquility, ideal for meditation and relaxation. (Genres: Meditation, Ambient; Vibe: Calm, Peaceful, Serene; Instruments: Soft Pads, Nature Sounds, Bell)

41. Tropical House Paradise

Prompt: Blend Tropical House with Synthwave for a summer vacation vibe. Steel drums and upbeat synths create a sunny, beachside feeling, perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. (Genres: Tropical House, Synthwave; Vibe: Happy, Chill, Dreamy; Instruments: Steel Drums, Synth, Percussion)

42. Indie Folk Adventure

Prompt: Combine Indie with Folk for a heartwarming adventure. Acoustic guitar and mandolin weave intricate melodies, backed by gentle percussion, evoking a sense of exploration and wonder. (Genres: Indie, Folk; Vibe: Hopeful, Nostalgic, Peaceful; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Soft Drums)

43. Symphonic Metal Majesty

Prompt: Blend the grandeur of symphonic elements with the raw power of metal. Imagine sweeping orchestral sections complementing ferocious guitar riffs for an epic auditory journey. (Genres: Symphonic, Metal; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic; Instruments: Strings, Guitar, Drums)

44. Folk Metal Saga

Prompt: Combine the storytelling tradition of folk music with the intensity of metal. Envision mandolins and flutes weaving tales alongside powerful metal riffs. (Genres: Folk, Metal; Vibe: Nostalgic, Energetic; Instruments: Mandolin, Flute, Electric Guitar)

45. Progressive Metal Exploration

Prompt: Merge the complexity of progressive rock with metal's aggressiveness. Picture intricate guitar work and unpredictable rhythm changes creating a challenging and engaging soundscape. (Genres: Progressive, Metal; Vibe: Complex, Intense; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion)

46. Industrial Metal Revolution

Prompt: Fuse the mechanical sounds of industrial music with the raw energy of metal. Think of relentless drum machines and distorted guitars creating a dystopian sonic world. (Genres: Industrial, Metal; Vibe: Dark, Aggressive; Instruments: Synth, Electric Guitar, Drum Machine)

47. Gothic Metal Mystique

Prompt: Blend the dark, romantic elements of gothic music with the power of metal. Envision haunting melodies and atmospheric synths paired with heavy guitar riffs. (Genres: Gothic, Metal; Vibe: Dark, Melancholic; Instruments: Synth, Guitar, Drums)

48. Power Metal Heroics

Prompt: Combine the high-energy and melodic elements of power metal. Picture soaring guitar solos and fast-paced drumming, evoking a sense of heroism and adventure. (Genres: Power Metal; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass)

49. Doom Metal Depths

Prompt: Merge the slow, heavy tones of doom metal with a somber atmosphere. Imagine drawn-out guitar riffs and a plodding rhythm creating a sense of impending doom. (Genres: Doom Metal; Vibe: Dark, Melancholic; Instruments: Guitar, Slow Drums, Bass)

50. Death Metal Fury

Prompt: Blend the brutality of death metal with intense speed and technicality. Think of relentless drumming and guttural vocals, creating an aggressive and powerful sound. (Genres: Death Metal; Vibe: Aggressive, Intense; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass)

51. Black Metal Abyss

Prompt: Combine the raw, atmospheric elements of black metal with a sense of the ethereal. Envision fast tremolo guitar picking and blast beat drumming, creating a cold and grim atmosphere. (Genres: Black Metal; Vibe: Cold, Grim; Instruments: Guitar, Drums)

52. Thrash Metal Adrenaline

Prompt: Fuse the aggression of thrash metal with tight guitar riffs and fast rhythms. Picture energetic guitar solos and pounding drums for a high-octane musical experience. (Genres: Thrash Metal; Vibe: Aggressive, Energetic; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass)

53. Sludge Metal Grit

Prompt: Blend the rawness of sludge metal with thick, heavy guitar riffs. Imagine a fusion of doom and hardcore punk, creating a powerful and gritty sound. (Genres: Sludge Metal; Vibe: Heavy, Gritty; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass)

54. Viking Metal Saga

Prompt: Combine elements of Nordic folklore with the intensity of metal. Think of epic tales of Viking lore underscored by powerful riffs and rhythmic drumming. (Genres: Viking Metal; Vibe: Epic, Folkloric; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Folk Instruments)

55. Metal Jazz Fusion

Prompt: Merge the technicality of jazz with metal's aggression. Picture complex jazz chords and rhythms intertwining with heavy metal riffs for an innovative sound. (Genres: Jazz, Metal; Vibe: Complex, Energetic; Instruments: Guitar, Drums)

56. Amapiano Vibes Merge

Prompt: Merge the smooth, jazzy elements of Amapiano with traditional African rhythms. Imagine piano melodies intertwined with rhythmic African drums for a fusion of contemporary and classic sounds. (Genres: Amapiano, Traditional African; Vibe: Smooth, Rhythmic; Instruments: Piano, African Drums)

57. Igbo Melodic Blend

Prompt: Combine the melodic richness of Igbo music with modern Afropop beats. Picture the traditional Ọjà flute harmonizing with upbeat Afropop rhythms, creating a culturally rich and danceable track. (Genres: Igbo Traditional, Afropop; Vibe: Cultural, Energetic; Instruments: Ọjà Flute, Drums)

58. Reggae-Afropop Fusion

Prompt: Fuse the laid-back rhythms of Reggae with the vibrant beats of Afropop. Envision a track where the smoothness of Reggae meets the lively energy of Afropop for a unique, upbeat sound. (Genres: Reggae, Afropop; Vibe: Laid-back, Vibrant; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Bass)

59. Afro-Electronic Dance

Prompt: Blend electronic dance music elements with traditional African sounds. Imagine synthesizers and electronic beats meeting African percussion, creating a dynamic and modern dance track. (Genres: Electronic, Traditional African; Vibe: Dynamic, Modern; Instruments: Synthesizer, African Percussion)

60. Highlife Afropop Fusion

Prompt: Merge the joyous melodies of Highlife with the contemporary flair of Afropop. Think of guitar-led highlife tunes combined with the catchy rhythms of Afropop. (Genres: Highlife, Afropop; Vibe: Joyous, Catchy; Instruments: Guitar, Drums)

61. Soulful Afro-Swing

Prompt: Combine the smoothness of soul music with the rhythmic bounce of Afro-Swing. Picture soulful melodies over a background of Afro-Swing beats, creating a track that's both relaxing and danceable. (Genres: Soul, Afro-Swing; Vibe: Smooth, Rhythmic; Instruments: Keyboard, Drums)

62. Afro-Fusion Groove

Prompt: Blend various African music styles into a single, harmonious Afropop track. Incorporate elements from across the continent to create a diverse and groovy sound. (Genres: Pan-African, Afropop; Vibe: Harmonious, Diverse; Instruments: Various African Instruments)

63. Contemporary Afro-Beat

Prompt: Craft a track that modernizes traditional Afro-Beat. Mix classic Afro-Beat instruments with modern production techniques for a fresh, contemporary sound. (Genres: Afro-Beat, Contemporary; Vibe: Classic, Modern; Instruments: Saxophone, Drums, Electric Guitar)

64. Afro-Jazz Smooth Blend

Prompt: Merge the complexity of Jazz with the rhythmic elements of Afropop. Imagine jazz chords and improvisations layered over infectious Afropop beats. (Genres: Jazz, Afropop; Vibe: Complex, Rhythmic; Instruments: Saxophone, Drums, Bass)

65. Urban Afro-Rhythms

Prompt: Combine urban music elements with traditional African rhythms. Picture the fusion of urban beats and street style with the authentic sounds of African drums and instruments. (Genres: Urban, Traditional African; Vibe: Street-Style, Authentic; Instruments: Drums, African Percussion)

66. Classical Meets Electronic

Prompt: Combine the intricate melodies of Indian classical music with the beats of electronic dance music, creating a blend that resonates with the vibrancy of modern India. (Genres: Indian Classical, Electronic; Vibe: Vibrant, Modern; Instruments: Sitar, Tabla, Synthesizer)

67. Jazz-Raga Fusion

Prompt: Merge the improvisational freedom of jazz with the melodic structure of Indian ragas. Imagine a saxophone intertwining with a sitar, creating a soulful and intricate musical dialogue. (Genres: Jazz, Indian Raga; Vibe: Soulful, Complex; Instruments: Saxophone, Sitar, Tabla)

68. Bollywood Electro-Pop

Prompt: Blend the catchy, narrative-driven melodies of Bollywood music with the upbeat energy of pop and electronic sounds, creating tracks that are both danceable and emotionally engaging. (Genres: Bollywood, Electro-Pop; Vibe: Energetic, Emotive; Instruments: Vocals, Drums, Synthesizer)

69. Indie-Folk Melodies

Prompt: Combine the heartfelt storytelling of Indian folk music with the contemporary edge of indie. Use traditional Indian instruments with modern production techniques for a fresh sound. (Genres: Indian Folk, Indie; Vibe: Heartfelt, Contemporary; Instruments: Harmonium, Guitar, Dholak)

70. Rock and Ragas

Prompt: Integrate the high energy of rock music with the intricate scales of Indian ragas. Picture electric guitar solos complemented by the resonant tones of classical Indian instruments. (Genres: Rock, Indian Ragas; Vibe: Energetic, Resonant; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Tabla, Flute)

71. Hip-Hop Beats with Indian Percussion

Prompt: Fuse the rhythmic spoken word of hip-hop with the rich tapestry of Indian percussion sounds, creating a unique blend that bridges cultural divides. (Genres: Hip-Hop, Indian Percussion; Vibe: Rhythmic, Cross-Cultural; Instruments: Drums, Tabla, Mridangam)

72. Ambient Sitar Escapes

Prompt: Create an ambient soundscape using the soothing sounds of the sitar, blended with modern ambient textures, providing a serene and contemplative auditory experience. (Genres: Ambient, Indian Classical; Vibe: Soothing, Contemplative; Instruments: Sitar, Synth Pads)

73. Trance-Tabla Rhythms

Prompt: Mix the driving beats of trance music with the intricate rhythms of the tabla, crafting a hypnotic and pulsating fusion that's both traditional and modern. (Genres: Trance, Indian Percussion; Vibe: Hypnotic, Pulsating; Instruments: Tabla, Electronic Drums, Synthesizer)

74. Indian Folk-Blues Blend

Prompt: Combine the soulful storytelling of the blues with the rustic charm of Indian folk music. Use harmonium and acoustic guitar to create a fusion that's both raw and emotive. (Genres: Blues, Indian Folk; Vibe: Soulful, Rustic; Instruments: Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar, Dholak)

75. Carnatic Progressive Exploration

Prompt: Explore the complex rhythms and melodies of Carnatic music fused with progressive rock's experimental structures, creating an intricate and innovative musical journey. (Genres: Carnatic, Progressive Rock; Vibe: Complex, Experimental; Instruments: Veena, Mridangam, Electric Guitar)

76. Urban Nightscape

Prompt: Create a trap track that captures the essence of city nightlife. Use deep bass lines and snappy snare drums to evoke the energy and mystery of urban streets after dark. (Genres: Trap; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious; Instruments: Bass, Snare Drums, Synthesizers)

77. Melodic Trap Wave

Prompt: Blend melodic elements with traditional trap beats. Think smooth, flowing melodies over hard-hitting trap rhythms, creating a balance between lyrical expression and rhythmic drive. (Genres: Trap, Melodic; Vibe: Smooth, Rhythmic; Instruments: Piano, Drums, Synth)

78. Trap and Soul Fusion

Prompt: Combine the soulful vibes of R&B with the edgy energy of trap. Use lush soul chords with trap beats, creating a track that is both emotionally resonant and rhythmically engaging. (Genres: Trap, Soul; Vibe: Soulful, Edgy; Instruments: Keyboard, Drums, Bass)

79. Ethnic Trap Exploration

Prompt: Infuse trap with ethnic music elements. Integrate instruments and rhythms from various cultures into a trap framework, producing a unique blend of global sounds and urban beats. (Genres: Trap, World Music; Vibe: Cultural, Energetic; Instruments: Ethnic Percussion, Drums, Synth)

80. Chill Trap Dreams

Prompt: Create a laid-back trap track that's perfect for relaxing. Use softer drum beats and dreamy synth pads to give the track a chill vibe, suitable for unwinding or introspective moments. (Genres: Trap, Chill; Vibe: Relaxing, Dreamy; Instruments: Soft Drums, Synth Pads)

81. Cyber Trap Adventure

Prompt: Craft a trap track with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Mix futuristic synth sounds with trap rhythms to evoke the feeling of a high-tech, neon-lit future. (Genres: Trap, Cyber; Vibe: Futuristic, Energetic; Instruments: Synthesizers, Drums)

82. Trap Jazz Crossover

Prompt: Merge the improvisational nature of jazz with the rhythmic backbone of trap. Imagine jazz instruments like the saxophone or trumpet over trap beats, creating an innovative sound. (Genres: Trap, Jazz; Vibe: Improvisational, Rhythmic; Instruments: Saxophone, Trumpet, Drums)

83. Trap Pop Convergence

Prompt: Blend the catchy hooks of pop music with the distinctive beats of trap. Create a track that's both radio-friendly and true to the trap sound, perfect for wide appeal. (Genres: Trap, Pop; Vibe: Catchy, Rhythmic; Instruments: Vocals, Drums, Synth)

84. Experimental Trap

Prompt: Push the boundaries of trap music with experimental sounds and structures. Explore unconventional rhythms, sounds, and production techniques to create a unique trap experience. (Genres: Trap, Experimental; Vibe: Innovative, Unconventional; Instruments: Electronic Effects, Drums)

85. Cinematic Trap Drama

Prompt: Combine trap with cinematic elements to create a dramatic and intense track. Use orchestral sounds and trap rhythms to craft a sound that could score a movie scene, blending suspense and energy. (Genres: Trap, Cinematic; Vibe: Dramatic, Intense; Instruments: Orchestra, Drums, Synthesizers)

86. Jazz-Infused Amapiano Groove

Prompt: Create an Amapiano track that blends deep house rhythms with the improvisational nature of jazz. Imagine a smooth saxophone line weaving through the characteristic Amapiano beats. (Genres: Amapiano, Jazz; Vibe: Groovy, Smooth; Instruments: Saxophone, Piano, Percussion)

87. Soulful Amapiano Vibes

Prompt: Mix soulful vocals with the upbeat tempo of Amapiano, crafting a track that's both emotive and danceable, perfect for both introspective listening and lively dance floors. (Genres: Amapiano, Soul; Vibe: Emotional, Uplifting; Instruments: Vocals, Synth, Percussion)

88. Amapiano Meets Traditional African Rhythms

Prompt: Infuse Amapiano with traditional African rhythms and instruments, creating a blend that pays homage to the continent's rich musical heritage while staying true to the Amapiano sound. (Genres: Amapiano, African Traditional; Vibe: Cultural, Rhythmic; Instruments: African Drums, Marimba, Electronic Beats)

89. Lounge-Style Amapiano Chill

Prompt: Design a lounge-inspired Amapiano track that's perfect for relaxed settings. Use softer beats and ambient synths to create a laid-back, chill atmosphere. (Genres: Amapiano, Lounge; Vibe: Relaxed, Chill; Instruments: Soft Percussion, Synth Pads)

90. Futuristic Amapiano Fusion

Prompt: Experiment with futuristic sounds within the Amapiano framework. Think about blending electronic elements with Amapiano's deep house roots for a modern, innovative sound. (Genres: Amapiano, Electronic; Vibe: Innovative, Modern; Instruments: Synthesizers, Electronic Drums)

91. Amapiano and Afrobeat Fusion

Prompt: Combine the distinctive sounds of Amapiano with the energetic rhythms of Afrobeat, creating a track that is both uniquely African and irresistibly danceable. (Genres: Amapiano, Afrobeat; Vibe: Energetic, Danceable; Instruments: Percussion, Horns, Piano)

92. Orchestral Amapiano Elegance

Prompt: Merge Amapiano with elements of orchestral music, adding strings and brass to create an elegant, rich sound. Imagine the grandeur of an orchestra meeting the rhythmic beats of Amapiano. (Genres: Amapiano, Orchestral; Vibe: Elegant, Rich; Instruments: Strings, Brass, Piano)

93. Latin-Amapiano Blend

Prompt: Infuse Amapiano with Latin music elements, combining rhythmic Latin percussion with the smooth piano melodies of Amapiano for a vibrant and engaging sound. (Genres: Amapiano, Latin; Vibe: Vibrant, Rhythmic; Instruments: Latin Percussion, Piano)

94. Amapiano and Reggae Crossover

Prompt: Create a track that fuses the laid-back, rhythmic vibes of Reggae with the upbeat, dance-oriented sounds of Amapiano, offering a unique and culturally rich listening experience. (Genres: Amapiano, Reggae; Vibe: Laid-back, Upbeat; Instruments: Drums, Bass, Piano)

95. Cinematic Amapiano Storytelling

Prompt: Develop an Amapiano track with cinematic qualities, using instrumental builds and breaks to tell a story, akin to a musical journey or soundtrack. (Genres: Amapiano, Cinematic; Vibe: Storytelling, Evocative; Instruments: Piano, Synth Pads, Percussion)

96. Electronic Amapiano Fusion

Prompt: Blend Amapiano with electronic dance music, incorporating electronic beats and synths to create a high-energy track that maintains the soulful essence of Amapiano. (Genres: Amapiano, Electronic; Vibe: High-Energy, Soulful; Instruments: Electronic Beats, Synthesizers, Piano)

97. Afro-Jazz Amapiano Blend

Prompt: Combine Amapiano with Afro-Jazz elements, integrating jazz instrumentation and African rhythms for a track that's both musically complex and deeply groovy. (Genres: Amapiano, Afro-Jazz; Vibe: Complex, Groovy; Instruments: Saxophone, African Drums, Piano)

98. Chillhop Amapiano Mix

Prompt: Create a chill Amapiano track with influences from chillhop, using lo-fi beats and smooth piano lines for a relaxed yet rhythmically engaging sound. (Genres: Amapiano, Chillhop; Vibe: Relaxed, Rhythmic; Instruments: Lo-Fi Beats, Piano, Synth)

99. Amapiano and Blues Fusion

Prompt: Infuse Amapiano with elements of blues, blending soulful blues melodies with the signature piano and percussive beats of Amapiano. (Genres: Amapiano, Blues; Vibe: Soulful, Rhythmic; Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Drums)

100. Cosmic Future Bass Journey

Prompt: Create a Future Bass track that takes listeners on an interstellar journey. Imagine a soundscape filled with cosmic synths and ethereal pads, complemented by the genre's signature heavy bass, to evoke a sense of exploring the vastness of space. (Genres: Future Bass; Vibe: Ethereal, Expansive; Instruments: Synths, Heavy Bass)

101. Melodic Future Bass Dreamscape

Prompt: Develop a Future Bass track with a focus on melody and emotive progression. Use bright, uplifting synth melodies and rich, textured chords to create a soundscape that feels like a dream, while still incorporating the energetic drops and dynamic rhythms characteristic of Future Bass. (Genres: Future Bass; Vibe: Uplifting, Dreamlike; Instruments: Synths, Drums, Bass)

So, that's it for now folks. But I really hope these prompts get you started and help you build the next hit! And if you make something that you're really proud of, simply tag us on socials. 😉💙

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