100+ Hand Picked Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music - Part 2


Unleashing Creativity with Song Prompts

Music's power lies in its emotional depth, storytelling ability, and connection-building. Yet, even the most gifted musicians sometimes hit a creative block. Song prompts are a key to unlocking new waves of inspiration.

Unlocking Inspiration with Song Prompts

Song prompts are innovative sparks that kickstart the creative process in music composition. They might be simple words, genre, instruments, vibe phrases, images, or scenarios, but their impact is profound. These prompts serve as creative catalysts, opening doors to new ideas and helping artists break free from writer's block.

Use Soundverse's Text to Music (AI Magic Tool) to Convert Your Dreams To Music

“Text to music” feature enables users to type in a prompt, and the AI within Soundverse can generate the music from that text input. This approach streamlines the music creation process and simplifies music composition, making it accessible to everyone, including individuals who may not have extensive knowledge of music theory or complex software. You just need to type the prompt and click on the send button to generate music.

Soundverse Text to Music AI Magic Tool

Writing a perfect prompt or explanatory prompt plays an essential role in generating perfect audios. Here are some tips to draft the perfect prompt-

  • Specify the genre- Rock, electronic, house, pop, jazz etc.
  • Mention the instruments to be included- Guitar, Bass, Synth, Piano, Drums etc.
  • Narrate the vibe of the audio to Soundverse
  • Choose Duration

After receiving initial outputs, feel free to iterate and refine your prompt based on the results. Don’t be afraid to let the AI surprise you. Sometimes, giving it some creative freedom can yield fantastic results. Example prompts- “In a packed arena, the electric guitar wailed and the drums thundered. The crowd surged with adrenaline as the rock band’senergetic performance ignited a rebellious spirit, setting the stage for a night of wild rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. Speed of the song is very fast!”

Try to make prompts as long as possible as AI doesn't hallucinate much while generating music when lot of information is provided by the creator.

And you're good to go!

You can also use Filter to Music (AI Magic Tool) to generate music instead of typing prompt. Soundverse filter to music gif

Here are 100+ Text to Music Prompts That Will Help You Create Viral Music

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1. Psychedelic Space Odyssey

Prompt: Propel into a cosmic journey with synths and electric guitars creating an expansive soundscape. The music oscillates between moments of high-energy bursts and tranquil drifts, mirroring the unpredictability of space exploration. (Genres: Psychedelic Rock; Vibe: Energetic, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Electric Guitar, Bass)

2. Urban Jazz Nights

Prompt: Envision a smooth jazz ensemble playing under the city lights, where the saxophone leads a dance with a soft piano and upright bass. The vibe is chill yet sophisticated, perfect for a late-night drive through downtown streets. (Genres: Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Sophisticated; Instruments: Saxophone, Piano, Upright Bass)

3. Cyberpunk Synthwave Chase

Prompt: A high-speed chase through neon-lit streets, with pulsating synth beats and electric energy fueling the adrenaline. The future meets the past in this synthwave thrill ride, where danger and excitement collide. (Genres: Synthwave, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Dark; Instruments: Synth, Electronic Drums, Bass)

4. Tropical House Paradise

Prompt: Feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze with a tropical house beat that’s both uplifting and relaxing. Steel drums and soft synths invite you to a beach party that lasts from the golden hours of sunset into the cool night. (Genres: Tropical House; Vibe: Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Steel Drums, Synth, Percussion)

5. Baroque Pop Elegance

Prompt: Merge classical baroque intricacies with modern pop sensibilities. Imagine harpsichords and strings weaving through catchy melodies, creating a tapestry of sounds that’s both sophisticated and accessible. (Genres: Pop, Classical; Vibe: Sophisticated, Hopeful; Instruments: Harpsichord, Strings, Vocals)

6. Lofi Hip-Hop Study Session

Prompt: A laid-back beat, with soft piano and subtle lo-fi textures, creates a perfect backdrop for focusing or unwinding. The vibe is calm and introspective, inviting listeners into a space of relaxation and concentration. (Genres: Lo-fi, Hip Hop; Vibe: Calm, Study; Instruments: Piano, Synth, Drums)

7. Epic Fantasy Orchestration

Prompt: An orchestral masterpiece that transports listeners to a realm of adventure and magic. Violins soar as horns herald the arrival of heroes, setting the stage for epic quests and legendary battles. (Genres: Orchestral; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic; Instruments: Violin, Horns, Choir)

8. Deep House Dive

Prompt: Submerge into the depths of deep house with pulsing basslines and hypnotic rhythms. The music is both introspective and invigorating, inviting dancers to lose themselves in the moment. (Genres: Deep House; Vibe: Energetic, Mysterious; Instruments: Synth Bass, Electronic Drums, Pad)

9. Acoustic Bliss

Prompt: In the heart of nature, where the sounds of acoustic guitars and gentle percussion blend with the natural world. It’s an escape into simplicity and beauty, where music becomes a reflection of the earth’s tranquility. (Genres: Acoustic, Folk; Vibe: Peaceful, Serene; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Flute)

10. Futuristic Funk Groove

Prompt: A fusion of classic funk rhythms with futuristic synth lines, creating a groove that's both nostalgic and ahead of its time. Bass slaps and electronic beats collide, making it impossible not to dance. (Genres: Funk, Electronic; Vibe: Uplifting, Energetic; Instruments: Bass, Synth, Electronic Drums)

11. Cinematic Horror Soundscape

Prompt: Immerse in a chilling soundscape where suspenseful strings and haunting choir vocals set the tone for a heart-pounding horror experience. Every note and silence is crafted to evoke fear and anticipation. (Genres: Orchestral, Ambient; Vibe: Dark, Suspenseful; Instruments: Strings, Choir, Organ)

12. Reggae Sunsplash

Prompt: Feel the warmth of the sun and the rhythm of the sea with laid-back reggae beats, smooth bass lines, and uplifting guitar chords. It's a musical journey to the heart of summer, where every day is a celebration of life and love. (Genres: Reggae; Vibe: Happy, Chill; Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums)

13. Neo-Soul Reflections

Prompt: Dive into the depth of soul with rich piano chords, and a tight rhythm section. The vibe is introspective and emotive, offering a modern take on soul that's both refreshing and deeply moving. (Genres: Soul, R&B; Vibe: Romantic, Hopeful; Instruments: Piano, Bass)

14. Majestic Medieval Anthem

Prompt: A journey back in time to the medieval ages, where the sounds of harpsichords, lutes, and flutes recreate the ambiance of ancient castles and epic tales of valor. It’s a musical tapestry that weaves the old world with the imaginative. (Genres: Classical, Folk; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic; Instruments: Harpsichord, Lute, Flute)

15. Dream Pop Odyssey

Prompt: A soundscape filled with lush synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and dreamy guitars, inviting listeners on a sonic journey through the clouds. The atmosphere is one of wonder and introspection, a perfect blend of sound and emotion. (Genres: Pop, Indie; Vibe: Dreamy, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Guitar, Vocals)

16. High-Energy Trance Expedition

Prompt: An adrenaline-fueled journey through pulsating rhythms and soaring melodies. Synthesizers lead the charge, creating an immersive experience that elevates the spirit and energizes the soul. (Genres: Trance, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting; Instruments: Synth, Electronic Drums, Pad)

17. Vintage Blues Revival

Prompt: Revive the soulful strains of classic blues with gritty guitar riffs, heart-wrenching harmonica, and a steady rhythm that gets right down to the roots. It's a timeless sound that speaks of hardship, love, and the essence of life. (Genres: Blues; Vibe: Nostalgic, Soulful; Instruments: Guitar, Harmonica, Drums)

18. Ethereal Ambient Journey

Prompt: Float in an expansive sea of sound where ambient textures and soft, melodic lines create a space for meditation and exploration. It's a sonic landscape that invites listeners to disconnect and drift into another world. (Genres: Ambient, Electronic; Vibe: Calm, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Pad, Strings)

19. Classic Rock Revival

Prompt: Turn up the volume on a high-energy mix of electric guitar solos, pounding drums, and anthemic vocals. It’s a revival of classic rock with a modern twist, capturing the freedom and rebellion of the golden age of rock 'n' roll. (Genres: Rock; Vibe: Energetic, Rebellious; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Drums, Vocals)

2O. Electro Swing Celebration

Prompt: Imagine the roaring '20s meets modern electronic beats, with brass instruments and swing rhythms intertwined with synth lines and electronic bass. It's a party where flappers and break-dancers would feel equally at home. (Genres: Swing, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Happy; Instruments: Brass, Synth, Electronic Drums)

21. Folktronica Dreamscape

Prompt: An enchanting mix of acoustic folk elements and electronic textures, where digital and organic sounds blend seamlessly. Gentle guitar plucks and electronic beats create a backdrop for introspective journeys. (Genres: Folk, Electronic; Vibe: Dreamy, Chill; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Synth, Electronic Drums)

22. Jazz Hop Café

Prompt: The laid-back grooves of hip-hop beats combined with the improvisational nature of jazz create a sophisticated soundtrack for urban explorations or a relaxed evening in a café. (Genres: Jazz, Hip Hop; Vibe: Chill, Sophisticated; Instruments: Saxophone, Piano, Beat Pad)

23. Symphonic Metal Saga

Prompt: A grandiose fusion of heavy metal's intensity with the majestic sweep of orchestral music, creating epic narratives through soaring vocals, electric guitar solos, and dramatic orchestral arrangements. (Genres: Metal, Classical; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Violin, Choir)

24. Indie Electro Pop Adventure

Prompt: Merge the heartfelt lyricism of indie music with catchy electro-pop hooks. Synthesizers sparkle alongside acoustic instruments, crafting a soundscape that's both introspective and irresistibly danceable. (Genres: Indie, Pop, Electronic; Vibe: Hopeful, Energetic; Instruments: Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Drums)

25. Reggae Rock Beach Party

Prompt: The laid-back rhythm of reggae meets the raw energy of rock, creating a soundtrack for a beach party where the waves crash in the background and the bonfire lights up the night. (Genres: Reggae, Rock; Vibe: Happy, Energetic; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass)

26. Salsa Electronic Fusion

Prompt: Fiery salsa rhythms and passionate melodies dance with electronic beats and synth lines, bringing together the best of both worlds in a vibrant celebration of rhythm and melody. (Genres: Salsa, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Romantic; Instruments: Piano, Percussion, Synth)

27. Celtic Punk Energy

Prompt: An electrifying blend of traditional Celtic music with the raw power of punk rock, featuring fast-paced fiddles and bagpipes over punk guitar chords and drums. It’s a musical rebellion with a touch of folklore. (Genres: Celtic, Punk; Vibe: Energetic, Rebellious; Instruments: Fiddle, Bagpipes, Electric Guitar)

28. Darkwave Neo-Classical Mystique

Prompt: The atmospheric synths of darkwave combined with the timeless beauty of classical instrumentation, creating a hauntingly beautiful landscape that explores the shadows with grace and profundity. (Genres: Darkwave, Classical; Vibe: Dark, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Violin, Piano)

29. Bluegrass EDM Fusion

Prompt: High-energy EDM beats and bass drops meet the soulful twang of bluegrass instruments, crafting a sound that’s both unexpected and exhilarating, perfect for a festival under the open sky. (Genres: Bluegrass, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Uplifting; Instruments: Banjo, Fiddle, Electronic Drums)

30. Chillstep Serenity

Prompt: The relaxing atmosphere of chillout music with the dynamic rhythms of dubstep. Soft synth pads float over complex beats, creating a soundscape that is both calming and stimulating. (Genres: Chillout, Dubstep; Vibe: Calm, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth Pads, Dubstep Beats, Bass)

31. Opera Rock Drama

Prompt: The theatricality of opera vocals meets the gritty distortion of rock guitars, resulting in a dramatic fusion that tells a story of epic proportions. It's a genre-blending spectacle for the ears. (Genres: Opera, Rock; Vibe: Dramatic, Epic; Instruments: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Drums)

32. Reggaeton Pop Party

Prompt: The infectious rhythms of reggaeton combined with catchy pop hooks make for a global party anthem. It’s music that breaks barriers, bringing people together on the dance floor. (Genres: Reggaeton, Pop; Vibe: Happy, Energetic; Instruments: Percussion, Synth, Vocals)

33. Bluegrass Metal Madness

Prompt: The fast-picking banjo and mandolin of bluegrass speed up to meet the ferocity of metal. It’s an unexpected blend that's as intriguing as it is intense, offering a fresh take on speed and skill. (Genres: Bluegrass, Metal; Vibe: Energetic, Intense; Instruments: Banjo, Mandolin, Electric Guitar)

34. Indie Electronic Exploration

Prompt: The heartfelt lyricism and instrumentals of indie music with the innovative sounds of electronic production. It’s a blend that explores the emotional and sonic landscapes, creating a sound that’s introspective and boundary-pushing. (Genres: Indie, Electronic; Vibe: Dreamy, Hopeful; Instruments: Guitar, Synth, Electronic Beats)

35. Acid Jazz Experience

Prompt: A fusion of jazz improvisation with the psychedelic beats of acid house. It's a musical experiment that results in a groove-centric, exploratory vibe, perfect for late nights and early mornings. (Genres: Jazz, Acid House; Vibe: Groovy, Mysterious; Instruments: Saxophone, Synth, Acid House Beats)

36. Tropical EDM Getaway

Prompt: Combine the uplifting beats of EDM with the laid-back vibes of tropical house for a sonic escape to paradise. Steel drums and synths create a soundscape that's both energizing and relaxing, perfect for viral summer hits. (Genres: EDM, Tropical House; Vibe: Uplifting, Chill; Instruments: Steel Drums, Synth, Electronic Beats)

37. Alt-R&B Fusion

Prompt: Mix the soulful elements of R&B with alternative indie nuances to craft a sound that's both introspective and catchy. Smooth vocals, electronic flourishes, and a touch of lo-fi create a vibe that resonates with today's listeners. (Genres: R&B, Indie; Vibe: Introspective, Smooth; Instruments: Vocals, Synth, Drum Machine)

38. Hyperpop Flash

Prompt: Hyperpop's exaggerated pop aesthetics combined with heavy electronic beats and auto-tuned vocals for a vibrant, glitchy sound that defies genres and grabs attention. (Genres: Pop, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Vibrant; Instruments: Synth, Auto-tuned Vocals, Glitchy Beats)

39. Drill Trap Anthems

Prompt: The hard-hitting beats of drill music meet the atmospheric sounds of trap, creating anthems that are both gritty and mesmerizing. Deep bass, rapid-fire hi-hats, and dark melodies define this sound. (Genres: Drill, Trap; Vibe: Gritty, Mesmerizing; Instruments: Deep Bass, Hi-Hats, Synth Melodies)

40. Indie Pop Dreams

Prompt: A blend of infectious indie melodies with the polished production of pop. Jangly guitars, catchy hooks, and dreamy piano make for tracks that are indie at heart but ready for the mainstream. (Genres: Indie, Pop; Vibe: Dreamy, Catchy; Instruments: Electric Guitar, Synth)

41. Lo-Fi Chill Beats to Study/Relax To

Prompt: Craft a soothing backdrop with lo-fi hip hop beats, gentle piano, and ambient textures. It's the perfect soundtrack for relaxation, study, or contemplation, inviting listeners to chill and find their focus. (Genres: Lo-Fi, Hip Hop; Vibe: Relaxing, Concentrative; Instruments: Piano, Synth Pads, Beat Machine)

42. Afrobeat Fusion Fiesta

Prompt: The infectious rhythms of Afrobeat combined with elements from other genres for a global music celebration. Energetic percussion, vibrant brass, and catchy vocals invite everyone to dance. (Genres: Afrobeat, World; Vibe: Energetic, Vibrant; Instruments: Percussion, Brass, Vocals)

43. Future Bass Bliss

Prompt: High-energy future bass with its distinctive synths, vocal chops, and lush soundscapes. It’s a formula that’s both emotionally charged and danceable, perfect for capturing the hearts of the digital generation. (Genres: Future Bass, Electronic; Vibe: Euphoric, Lush; Instruments: Synth, Vocal Chops, Electronic Beats)

44. Nu-Disco Revival

Prompt: Revive the groove of the 70s with modern production flair. Funky bass lines, electronic beats, and disco strings come together for a sound that’s both retro and fresh, ready to light up dance floors again. (Genres: Disco, Electronic; Vibe: Funky, Uplifting; Instruments: Bass, Disco Strings, Electronic Beats)

45. Singer-Songwriter Intimacy

Prompt: The raw emotion and storytelling of singer-songwriter music with a backdrop of minimalistic instrumentation. It’s a sound that’s personal and poignant, resonating with listeners seeking authenticity and connection. (Genres: Acoustic, Pop; Vibe: Intimate, Emotional; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Piano,)

46. Chill Electro-Acoustic Vibes

Prompt: Marry the warmth of acoustic instruments with the crispness of electronic beats. Imagine a guitar and piano overlaying a foundation of subtle electronic rhythms, creating a soundscape that’s perfect for relaxing or studying. (Genres: Acoustic, Electronic; Vibe: Chill, Reflective; Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Electronic Beats)

47. Cinematic Trap Soundscapes

Prompt: Combine the atmospheric tension of cinematic music with the hard-hitting beats of trap. This instrumental mix sets the scene for dramatic moments, with deep bass and stuttering hi-hats underpinning sweeping string movements. (Genres: Cinematic, Trap; Vibe: Dramatic, Suspenseful; Instruments: Strings, Bass, Hi-Hats)

48. Uplifting House Grooves

Prompt: Craft infectious house tracks that build with layers of synths, piano, and percussive elements, creating an uplifting atmosphere that's impossible not to move to. It’s music that brings joy and energy to any moment. (Genres: House, Electronic; Vibe: Uplifting, Energetic; Instruments: Synth, Piano, Percussion)

49. Ambient Nature Soundscapes

Prompt: Utilize the soothing sounds of nature as a backdrop for ambient melodies. Wind, water, and wildlife samples interweave with gentle synth pads and melodic instruments to transport listeners to a serene, natural world. (Genres: Ambient, Nature; Vibe: Calm, Serene; Instruments: Synth Pads, Nature Sounds, Melodic Instruments)

50. Jazz Lo-Fi Study Beats

Prompt: Smooth jazz elements like soft saxophone and lazy trumpet lines meld with lo-fi hip hop beats, creating a laid-back vibe perfect for studying, relaxing, or creative thinking. (Genres: Jazz, Lo-Fi; Vibe: Chill, Reflective; Instruments: Saxophone, Trumpet, Beat Machine)

51. Dynamic EDM Drops

Prompt: Design high-energy EDM tracks centered around dynamic drops and builds. Use a combination of synths, electronic drums, and basslines to create moments of tension and release that energize and captivate listeners. (Genres: EDM, Dance; Vibe: Energetic, Exciting; Instruments: Synth, Electronic Drums, Bass)

52. Psybient Space Exploration

Prompt: Create a sonic journey through outer space with psybient (psychedelic ambient) tracks that blend ethereal synth textures with downtempo beats. It’s music that expands the mind and soul, inviting listeners to explore the cosmos. (Genres: Ambient, Psychedelic; Vibe: Ethereal, Expansive; Instruments: Synth, Downtempo Beats, Textural Sounds)

53. Retro Synthwave Escape

Prompt: Dive into the neon-lit world of synthwave with its retro-futuristic synths and drum machines. It’s a nostalgic trip to the 80s with a modern twist, perfect for soundtracking drives into the sunset or futuristic adventures. (Genres: Synthwave, Electronic; Vibe: Nostalgic, Energetic; Instruments: Synth, Drum Machine, Bass)

54. Minimalist Piano Reflections

Prompt: Compose minimalist piano pieces that speak volumes with simplicity. The focus is on the beauty of the notes themselves, creating a reflective and introspective atmosphere that resonates with listeners on a deep level. (Genres: Classical, Ambient; Vibe: Reflective, Serene; Instruments: Piano)

55. World Fusion Rhythms

Prompt: Blend traditional instruments from around the world with modern production techniques. Think of a track that takes listeners on a global journey, combining elements from different cultures to create a unified and infectious rhythm. (Genres: World, Fusion; Vibe: Energetic, Cultural; Instruments: Percussion, Strings, Synth)

56. High-Octane Drum & Bass

Prompt: Energize listeners with fast-paced drum & bass rhythms paired with futuristic synth lines. It’s all about speed, energy, and intricate beats that propel you forward. (Genres: Drum & Bass, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Fast-paced; Instruments: Drums, Synth, Bass)

57. Soothing Guitar Lo-Fi

Prompt: Combine the warm tones of an acoustic guitar with the crackling beats of lo-fi hip hop. It’s a comforting sound that’s perfect for unwinding, studying, or just getting lost in thought. (Genres: Lo-Fi, Acoustic; Vibe: Soothing, Reflective; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Beat Machine)

58. Ethereal Ambient Piano

Prompt: Create tracks centered around the piano, with ambient soundscapes that evoke a sense of peace and spaciousness. It’s music that listeners can immerse themselves in, finding moments of tranquility. (Genres: Ambient, Classical; Vibe: Peaceful, Ethereal; Instruments: Piano, Synth Pads)

59. Electro Swing Revival

Prompt: Inject modern electronic music vitality into the classic swing sound. It’s about bringing the past and future together for a danceable blend that’s both sophisticated and fun. (Genres: Swing, Electronic; Vibe: Energetic, Fun; Instruments: Brass, Electronic Beats, Bass)

60. Cinematic Epic Scores

Prompt: Compose grand, orchestral scores that could soundtrack an epic journey or battle. These tracks should evoke a sense of adventure, drama, and majesty, using a full orchestra to create an immersive experience. (Genres: Cinematic, Orchestral; Vibe: Epic, Dramatic; Instruments: Strings, Brass, Percussion)

61. Chillhop Beats Journey

Prompt: Craft a series of chillhop tracks with smooth beats, jazzy samples, and a laid-back attitude. It’s the perfect background for creative work, relaxation, or simply dreaming the day away. (Genres: Chillhop, Jazz; Vibe: Chill, Smooth; Instruments: Beats, Piano, Saxophone)

62. Deep Ambient Soundscapes

Prompt: Explore the depths of ambient music with tracks that focus on texture, tone, and atmosphere. These soundscapes should be immersive, offering a sonic environment for meditation, relaxation, or deep focus. (Genres: Ambient, Electronic; Vibe: Deep, Meditative; Instruments: Synth Pads, Textural Sounds)

63. Modern Classical Fusion

Prompt: Blend the beauty and complexity of classical music with contemporary electronic elements. This fusion brings a fresh perspective to traditional compositions, making them resonate with today’s audience. (Genres: Classical, Electronic; Vibe: Sophisticated, Contemporary; Instruments: Strings, Piano, Synth)

64. Funky Breakbeat Grooves

Prompt: Combine the funkiest elements of funk with the rhythmic breaks of breakbeat for tracks that are irresistibly danceable. It’s about creating grooves that get people moving and feeling good. (Genres: Funk, Breakbeat; Vibe: Funky, Energetic; Instruments: Bass, Drums, Synth)

65. Asian Chill Ambient

Prompt: Incorporate traditional Asian instruments into a chill, ambient setting. The result is a serene and beautiful blend of East meets West, perfect for relaxation and reflection. (Genres: Ambient, World; Vibe: Serene, Beautiful; Instruments: Koto, Flute, Synth Pads)

66. Digital Minimalism

Prompt: Create minimalist compositions using digital synths and electronic beats. These tracks should focus on simplicity and space, offering a modern, contemplative sound. (Genres: Electronic, Minimalist; Vibe: Contemplative, Minimal; Instruments: Digital Synth, Electronic Beats)

67. Retro Videogame Soundtrack

Prompt: Channel the nostalgia of 8-bit and 16-bit era video games with chiptune compositions. It’s a playful and energetic sound that harks back to the golden age of gaming. (Genres: Chiptune, Electronic; Vibe: Nostalgic, Playful; Instruments: 8-bit Synth, Drum Machine)

68. Global Fusion Beats

Prompt: Blend rhythms and instruments from around the world to create a truly global sound. It’s about celebrating diversity and creating music that resonates universally. (Genres: World, Fusion; Vibe: Energetic, Diverse; Instruments: Percussion, Strings, Wind Instruments)

69.Jazz Fusion Odyssey

Prompt: Merge the improvisational genius of jazz with the electronic textures of modern fusion. Create a soundscape that’s both intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging, perfect for those seeking depth in music. (Genres: Jazz, Fusion; Vibe: Stimulating, Engaging; Instruments: Saxophone, Electric Piano, Synth)

70. Ambient Space Meditation

Prompt: Design soundscapes that evoke the vastness and mystery of outer space. Utilize ambient synths and slow-moving melodies to create a meditative experience that invites listeners to explore the cosmos in their minds. (Genres: Ambient, Space; Vibe: Meditative, Vast; Instruments: Synth Pads, Slow Melodies)

71. Progressive House Journey

Prompt: Build progressive house tracks that gradually evolve, layer by layer, into an immersive dance experience. Use pulsating beats, evolving synths, and dynamic drops to keep the energy flowing and the listeners engaged. (Genres: Progressive House, Electronic; Vibe: Immersive, Dynamic; Instruments: Synth, Drums, Bass)

72. Electro-Folk Stories

Prompt: Weave together the acoustic elements of folk music with the crisp production of electronic music. Imagine tracks that tell stories using the warmth of folk instruments, underscored by the precision of electronic beats. (Genres: Folk, Electronic; Vibe: Warm, Narrative; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Synth, Electronic Beats)

73. Neo-Classical Piano Escapes

Prompt: Craft compositions that combine the emotive power of classical piano with the minimalist sensibilities of contemporary music. It’s about creating spaces for reflection and emotion through the beauty of piano music. (Genres: Classical, Minimalist; Vibe: Emotive, Reflective; Instruments: Piano)

74. Downtempo Dub Vibes

Prompt: Slow things down with downtempo tracks infused with dub production techniques. Think of thick bass lines, echo effects, and a laid-back tempo that invites listeners to relax and unwind. (Genres: Downtempo, Dub; Vibe: Laid-back, Thick; Instruments: Bass, Synth, Echo Effects)

75. Uplifting Trance Anthems

Prompt: Produce trance tracks that build up with layers of synths and melodies to euphoric peaks. Use driving beats and uplifting sequences to create anthems that inspire and energize. (Genres: Trance, Electronic; Vibe: Euphoric, Uplifting; Instruments: Synth, Drums, Melodies)

76. Latin Jazz Grooves

Prompt: Combine the rhythmic complexity of Latin music with the improvisational elements of jazz. Picture tracks that are vibrant, energetic, and full of life, perfect for lively gatherings or passionate solo listening. (Genres: Latin, Jazz; Vibe: Vibrant, Energetic; Instruments: Percussion, Brass, Piano)

77. Atmospheric Black Metal

Prompt: Explore the colder, more atmospheric side of black metal with instrumental tracks that focus on ambiance and mood rather than vocals. Use tremolo guitars, blast beat drums, and icy synths to create a chilling soundscape. (Genres: Black Metal, Ambient; Vibe: Cold, Atmospheric; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Synth)

78. Desert Blues Caravan

Prompt: Infuse the soulful melodies of desert blues with modern production to create tracks that feel both timeless and contemporary. Imagine a musical caravan traversing vast landscapes, with guitar and percussion leading the way. (Genres: Blues, World; Vibe: Soulful, Timeless; Instruments: Guitar, Percussion)

79. Tech-House Nightscapes

Prompt: Craft tech-house tracks that are perfect for late-night dance floors. Combine minimalistic beats with deep basslines and techy synths to create a groove that's both sophisticated and infectious. (Genres: Tech House, Electronic; Vibe: Sophisticated, Infectious; Instruments: Beats, Bass, Synth)

80. Acid Jazz Experiment

Prompt: Merge the smooth elements of jazz with the psychedelic sounds of acid house. Think of tracks that use funky basslines, jazz instrumentation, and acid synths to create a groovy, mind-bending experience. (Genres: Jazz, Acid House; Vibe: Groovy, Psychedelic; Instruments: Bass, Horns, Acid Synths)

81. Cybernetic IDM Explorations

Prompt: Dive into the complex world of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), combining intricate beats with futuristic electronic sounds. It’s about challenging the listener's expectations and exploring the possibilities of electronic music. (Genres: IDM, Electronic; Vibe: Complex, Futuristic; Instruments: Complex Beats, Electronic Sounds)

82. Post-Rock Soundscapes

Prompt: Build expansive soundscapes that ebb and flow with emotion and intensity. Use guitars, drums, and electronic elements to craft instrumental tracks that tell stories without words, capturing the essence of post-rock. (Genres: Post-Rock, Ambient; Vibe: Expansive, Emotional; Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Electronic Elements)

83. Chillstep Reflections

Prompt: Blend the calming aspects of chill music with the bass and beat complexity of dubstep. Create tracks that are perfect for reflection, featuring smooth transitions, melodic basslines, and a gentle use of dubstep rhythms. (Genres: Chill, Dubstep; Vibe: Calming, Reflective; Instruments: Melodic Bass, Smooth Beats, Synth Pads)

84. Future Garage Landscapes

Prompt: Explore the depths of future garage with its emotive basslines, intricate rhythms, and atmospheric sounds. Create a sonic palette that reflects urban solitude and introspection, appealing to listeners seeking depth and emotion. (Genres: Future Garage, Electronic; Vibe: Emotive, Atmospheric; Instruments: Bass, Beat Machine, Ambient Synths)

85. Vaporwave Aesthetics

Prompt: Dive into the retro-futuristic world of vaporwave, where slowed-down samples meet dreamy synths and nostalgic overtones. It’s an audiovisual journey into a digital paradise lost, evoking feelings of longing and a bygone digital era. (Genres: Vaporwave, Electronic; Vibe: Nostalgic, Dreamy; Instruments: Synths, Slow Beats, Sampled Melodies)

86. Lo-Fi Jazz Fusion

Prompt: Merge the smoothness of jazz with the laid-back beats of lo-fi hip-hop. Imagine saxophones and trumpets floating over chilled beats, creating a backdrop for relaxation or focused work, resonating with the cozy aesthetics of today’s listening habits. (Genres: Jazz, Lo-Fi; Vibe: Chill, Smooth; Instruments: Saxophone, Trumpet, Beat Machine)

87. Glitch Hop Bounce

Prompt: Incorporate glitchy beats and funky basslines into a hip-hop framework for a sound that's both playful and cutting-edge. This style combines electronic music's experimental edge with hip-hop's rhythmic prowess. (Genres: Glitch, Hip-Hop; Vibe: Energetic, Funky; Instruments: Synth Bass, Glitch Beats, Funk Samples)

88. Ambient Techno Travels

Prompt: Craft a journey with ambient techno, blending the pulsating rhythms of techno with ambient soundscapes. It’s music that moves the body and soothes the mind, ideal for late-night drives or early morning raves. (Genres: Techno, Ambient; Vibe: Soothing, Rhythmic; Instruments: Synth, Drums, Ambient Pads)

89. Solar Beat Exploration

Prompt: Venture into the cosmos with tracks that combine ethereal soundscapes with a solid beat foundation, inspired by the mysteries of space. It’s a blend meant to evoke the vastness and beauty of the solar system, appealing to the imagination and sense of adventure. (Genres: Electronic, Space Music; Vibe: Expansive, Mysterious; Instruments: Synth Pads, Beats, Cosmic Sounds)

90. Cinematic Downtempo Drama

Prompt: Weave emotional stories without words using the slow, atmospheric beats of downtempo combined with cinematic elements. Each track should unfold like a film, capturing moments of tension, release, and profound beauty. (Genres: Downtempo, Cinematic; Vibe: Emotional, Atmospheric; Instruments: Slow Beats, Strings, Piano)

91. Electro-Orchestral Fusion

Prompt: Blend the grandeur of orchestral music with the energy of electronic beats. Imagine symphonic arrangements punctuated with electronic flair, creating a sound that’s both timeless and contemporary, perfect for epic soundtracks or innovative pop. (Genres: Orchestral, Electronic; Vibe: Grand, Innovative; Instruments: Strings, Brass, Electronic Beats)

92. World Beat Rhythms

Prompt: Combine traditional rhythms from around the globe with contemporary production techniques for a sound that’s both universal and specific. Instruments and styles from different cultures create a tapestry of global unity and diversity. (Genres: World Music, Fusion; Vibe: Energetic, Diverse; Instruments: Percussion, Ethnic Instruments, Synths)

93. Dark Ambient Mysteries

Prompt: Delve into the shadows with dark ambient music that evokes unease and intrigue. Use drones, noise, and minimal rhythms to create soundscapes that are haunting and immersive, perfect for introspective listening or soundtracking the unknown. (Genres: Ambient, Dark; Vibe: Haunting, Intriguing; Instruments: Drones, Noise, Minimal Beats)

94. Chillwave Sunset

Prompt: Craft tracks that capture the essence of a fading sunset with chillwave’s dreamy synths and lo-fi aesthetics. It’s a sound that’s nostalgic yet hopeful, perfect for ending the day or reflecting on past memories. (Genres: Chillwave, Electronic; Vibe: Nostalgic, Dreamy; Instruments: Synth, Lo-Fi Beats, Electric Guitar)

95. Neo-Funk Groove

Prompt: Infuse classic funk’s infectious rhythm with a modern twist, incorporating crisp electronic elements. Picture basslines that make it impossible not to move, overlaid with futuristic synths for a fresh, vibrant sound. (Genres: Funk, Electronic; Vibe: Vibrant, Infectious; Instruments: Bass Guitar, Synth, Drum Machine)

96. Urban Smooth Jazz

Prompt: Blend the sophisticated harmony of jazz with urban beats to create a smooth, accessible sound. Saxophones and pianos glide over laid-back beats, providing a sonic backdrop for city nights and relaxed gatherings. (Genres: Jazz, Urban; Vibe: Smooth, Sophisticated; Instruments: Saxophone, Piano, Beats)

97. Post-Dubstep Atmosphere

Prompt: Explore the space beyond dubstep with tracks that retain the genre’s weighty bass and syncopated rhythms but venture into more atmospheric and experimental territories, perfect for immersive listening experiences. (Genres: Dubstep, Ambient; Vibe: Weighty, Experimental; Instruments: Bass, Synth Pads, Complex Rhythms)

98. Cyberpunk Dystopia

Prompt: Dive into the heart of a neon-lit future with tracks that blend electronic music's edge with dystopian soundscapes. It’s a sound that’s both thrilling and foreboding, mirroring a world where technology and humanity collide. (Genres: Electronic, Soundtrack; Vibe: Thrilling, Foreboding; Instruments: Synth, Electronic Beats, Ambient Noises)

99. Electro-Acoustic Daydreams

Prompt: Merge the organic warmth of acoustic instruments with the crisp precision of electronic sounds. This hybrid creates a space for daydreaming and introspection, blurring the lines between the digital and the natural. (Genres: Acoustic, Electronic; Vibe: Warm, Introspective; Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synth Pads)

100. Progressive Ambient Explorations

Prompt: Craft expansive soundscapes that evolve gradually, blending the immersive textures of ambient music with the structure and movement of progressive compositions. Use a combination of synthetic and organic sounds to create pieces that invite deep listening and contemplation, offering a journey through sound that is both soothing and intellectually engaging. (Genres: Ambient, Progressive; Vibe: Immersive, Contemplative; Instruments: Synth Pads, Electric Guitar, Ambient Textures)

101. Cosmic Chill Beats

Prompt: Conjure the vastness of space with a blend of chill beats and cosmic soundscapes. Utilize ethereal synths and laid-back rhythms to create a soundtrack for stargazing or contemplative nights, evoking the serene and infinite nature of the universe. (Genres: Chill, Electronic; Vibe: Serene, Ethereal; Instruments: Synth, Beats, Space Sounds)

So, that's it for now folks. But I really hope these prompts get you started and help you build the next hit! And if you make something that you're really proud of, simply tag us on socials. 😉💙

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